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Water management solutions for reducing microbial environment impact in coastal areas






€ 2.833.019,40


3.3: Improve the environmental quality conditions of the sea and coastal area by use of sustainable and innovative technologies and approaches


National Research Council – Institute for Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnologies (CNR - IRBIM)


Local, regional and national public authority

Non-governmental organization

Associations, innovation and environmental agencies

Regional and local development agencies

SMEs and business supporting organizations

Education and training organizations as well as universities and research institutes

General public

WATERCARE aims to improve the quality of the microbial and environment and resource efficiency in bathing and coastal waters reducing the microbial contamination by usinginnovative tools in waste management and treatment WATERCARE will: develop an innovative Water Quality Integrated System (WQls) composed by a real : time hydro-meteorological monitoring network; realize an ad-hoc infrastructure for bathing waters management in a pilot site through a forecast operational model; realize feasibility studies in other 4 target sites to improve planning and management of environmental problems of the marine system; develop a real-time alert system able to preventively identify the potential ecological risk from focal contamination of bathing waters and to support governance decision i processes in bathing water management






National Research Council – Institute for Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnologies (CNR - IRBIM)


Rome - Italy


The National Research Council (CNR) is a Public Research Body with general scientific competences, acting under the supervision od the Ministry of Education, University and Research and having legal public-law status and scientific, financial, organizational, patrimonial and accounting autonomy. In “WATERCARE” implementing unit is IRBIM - Institute for Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnology.

Contact person: Mauro Marini

E-mail: mauro.marini@cnr.it


Aset Spa


ASET is a company that is dedicated to provide local public services for 18 Municipalities, owners of the company. Services entrusted are as follows: integrated water service, production and distribution of drinking water, management of all networks and systems, management of sewerage and sewage treatment plants, chemical and microbiological laboratory service for internal use and third parties and others.

Contact person: Marco Romei

E-mail: m.romei@asetservizi.it


Marche Region - Protection of Water And Protection of Ancona Territory Department


Implementing Unit of WATERCARE in Marche Region is Protection of Water and Protection of Ancona Territory Department. It has knowledge and experience on many activities such as evaluation and diffusion of pollutants deriving from sewer networks and discharged into bathing waters, management of hydraulic infrastructures for the urban wastewater storage, management and evaluation of impacts deriving from discharging surplus of wastewater and much more.

Contact person: Luigi Bolognini

E-mail: luigi.bolognini@regione.marche.it


Abruzzo Region - Public Works, Land Management and Environmental Policies Department - Maritime Works and Marine Water Service


Abruzzo Region has 9 departments and 3 Services. The Service Maritime Works and Marine Water is responsible for the integrated coastal zone management as well as for issues regarding the protection of the coast, marine waters monitoring, marine ecosystems and bathing. Abruzzo Region was partner of several projects within European Territorial Cooperation programmes.

Contact person: Franco Gerardini

E-mail: franco.gerardini@regione.abruzzo.it


University of Urbino "Carlo Bo" - Department of Biomolecular Sciences (Disb)


UNIURB carries out research activity on molecular ecology of marine microbial species; marine molecular biotechnology and development of innovative molecular tools for the monitoring at regional level of coastal system. It is in charged of monitoring of water quality of Pesaro coastal area since 1984. It has participated to several projects funded and supported by Italian and European Agencies as referent partner for marine biological and molecular studies.

Contact person: Antonella Penna

E-mail: antonella.penna@uniurb.it


County of Split-Dalmatia


Split-Dalmatia County is the largest Croatian county. Geographically it is located in the central part of the Adriatic coast. The county is divided into three geographical subunits hinterland, coastal area and islands. Split-Dalmatia County is experienced in preparation and implementation of different national and international projects, as project partner or lead partner.

Contact person: Martin Bucan

E-mail: martin.bucan@dalmacija.hr


Dubrovnik-Neretva County


The Dubrovnik-Neretva Region is the southernmost region of the Republic of Croatia and it is territorially organized into 22 units of local government and self-government with 5 cities.It’s economy and other sectors are influenced by geographic position, length and quality of its coast, historical heritage, numerous protected areas in different terms, all of which make a valuable resource. DNR is experienced in implementation of projects co-funded by the European Union.

Contact person: Ivo Đuračić

​​​​​E-mail: ivo.duracic@dnz.hr


University of Split - University Department of Marine Studies


The University of Split is experienced in carrying the innovative research in the various environments. Implementing Unit of WATERCARE is Department of Marine Studies - the branch and organizational unit of the University that offers studies in marine biology, ecology, technology, fisheries and applied marine sciences. Research staff includes scientists with rich background in projects relating to the impact of fisheries and aquaculture on the Adriatic and Mediterranean marine ecosystem.

Contact person: Maja Krzelj

E-mail: maja.krzelj@unist.hr


Metris Research Centre


METRIS is an operational body founded by Region of Istria and Istrian Development Agency Ltd. entrusted with the implementation of R&D and innovative programmes of the Region of Istria. Its head office is located in Pula and all the laboratories are equipped with sophisticated instruments. The services are performed within 3 Departments: Mechanical,Chemical and Biotechnical, led by educated experts.

Contact person: Vedrana Spada

E-mail: vedrana.spada@centarmetris.hr


Croatian Waters


Croatian Waters is the leading national institution that manages water resources and is responsible for all aspects of water management in Croatia as an EU member state and has extensive experience in the WFD implementation and development of RBMPs. It is divided in two basic organizational units: the Head Office and water management departments and has been engaged in numerous EU funded projects.

Contact person: Marija Sikoronja

E-mail: Marija.Sikoronja@voda.hr



Asset Publisher

Asset Publisher


Here all the documents

D3.1.1-3.1.2 Generation of Software Utilities

D.3.1.2_Development of WATERCARE WQIS_vfinal

PUBLISHED ON 09/05/2022
PDF (1.28 Mb)

D.3.2.1_WATERCARE_Generation of Sampling Data set_vfinal

PUBLISHED ON 09/05/2022
PDF (1.94 Mb)

D3.3.1 WATERCARE WQIS Implementation

PUBLISHED ON 12/04/2022
PDF (4.02 Mb)

D3.3.2. Sensor Data web

PUBLISHED ON 10/11/2021
PDF (4.33 Mb)

D4.1.1 Development and execution of an ad-hoc infrastructure tank

PUBLISHED ON 10/11/2021
PDF (3.05 Mb)

D4.1.2 Implementation/realization of the WQIS in the pilot site

PUBLISHED ON 10/11/2021
PDF (2.12 Mb)

D.4.2.1_WATERCARE_Efficiency of the storage tank_vfinal

PUBLISHED ON 30/03/2022
PDF (0.91 Mb)

D.4.3.1_Guidelines to assess the quality of urban wasterwater coastal system_vfinal

PUBLISHED ON 30/03/2022
PDF (3.87 Mb)

2.1.4_WATERCARE Kick-Off Meeting_vfinal

PUBLISHED ON 09/05/2022
PDF (1.38 Mb)

D.2.2.1_WATERCARE Campaign on media

PUBLISHED ON 05/04/2022
PDF (28.33 Mb)

D.2.2.2_Publication in selected journals and conferences

PUBLISHED ON 05/04/2022
PDF (3.67 Mb)

D.2.2.3_Project leaflets

PUBLISHED ON 31/03/2022
PDF (19.61 Mb)

D.2.2.3_Project leaflets

PUBLISHED ON 31/03/2022
PDF (13.66 Mb)

D.2.2.5_WATERCARE Newsletter 1

PUBLISHED ON 05/04/2022
PDF (4.97 Mb)

D.2.2.5_WATERCARE Newsletter 2

PUBLISHED ON 05/04/2022
PDF (29.31 Mb)

D.2.2.5_WATERCARE Newsletter 3

PUBLISHED ON 05/04/2022
PDF (6.3 Mb)

D.2.2.5_WATERCARE Newsletter 4

PUBLISHED ON 05/04/2022
PDF (4.78 Mb)

D.2.2.4_Project Roll-up

PUBLISHED ON 31/03/2022
PDF (35.95 Mb)

D.2.3.1_WATERCARE website on the IT-HR webplatform management

D.2.3.2_WATERCARE social media tools

D 2.4.1_1st Public Event  (Fano)

PUBLISHED ON 05/04/2022
PDF (0.97 Mb)

D.2.4.2 -2nd Public Event_Pula

PUBLISHED ON 05/04/2022
PDF (0.88 Mb)

D.2.4.3 - 3rd Public Event_Southern Italy - Pescara

PUBLISHED ON 09/05/2022
PDF (9.86 Mb)

D.2.4.4 - 4th Public Event_Central Croatia - Split

PUBLISHED ON 05/04/2022
PDF (1.38 Mb)

D.2.4.5 - 5th Public event_April 2021

PUBLISHED ON 09/05/2022
PDF (1.18 Mb)

D.2.4.6_WATERCARE Final Conference_Southern Croatia - Dubrovnik

PUBLISHED ON 05/04/2022
PDF (1.42 Mb)

D.2.4.7_Participation to IT-HR_EU events_vfinal

PUBLISHED ON 09/05/2022
PDF (1.41 Mb)

D.2.5.1_Conversation on practices and methods for sustainable marin eco-system

PUBLISHED ON 09/05/2022
PDF (0.7 Mb)

D.2.5.2_Conference to adress state of the art of the new innovative solutions

PUBLISHED ON 09/05/2022
PDF (0.69 Mb)

D5.1.1 Alert Tool for the Bathing Water Management

PUBLISHED ON 10/11/2021
PDF (1.21 Mb)

D.5.2.1_WATERCARE_Simulations for the validation of the Alert Tool_vfinal

PUBLISHED ON 14/04/2022
PDF (1.61 Mb)

D.5.2.2_WATERCARE_Alert Tool Final Release_Final

PUBLISHED ON 30/03/2022
PDF (0.98 Mb)

D.5.3.1_WATERCARE_Final Governance guidelines

PUBLISHED ON 30/03/2022
PDF (2.27 Mb)



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