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Ecosustainable management of marine and tourist ports






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3.3: Improve the environmental quality conditions of the sea and coastal area by use of sustainable and innovative technologies and approaches


ECOMAP - Municipality of Podstrana


  • Local, regional and national authorities
  • Regional and local development agencies
  • Associations, innovation and environmental agencies
  • Educational and training organizations as well as uvniversities and research institutes
  • General public

The aim of "ECOMAP" is to help local ports to design better environmental strategies and to have access to  suitable environmental management tools to remain competitive and to contribute to a more sustainable Programme area. Partners will work together to improve their environmental status, through investments  in equipment and small infrastructure, education of staff and stakeholders, and environmental certifications. Best practices by leading-edge small ports will be  identified through project communication and study visits.






Municipality of Podstrana


Podstrana - Croatia

The Municipality of Podstrana is one of the most developed municipalities in Croatia, situated in the Split-Dalmatia County with 7km of marine coastal area and 9,192 inhabitants. The municipal administration consists of a mayor office and 4 administrative departments (Legal Affairs and Strategic Management Department; Public Procurement, Economy, Social services and EU Funds Department; Finance Department; Spatial Planning, Public Utilities and Environmental Protection Department).

Contact person: Andrijana Dedić




Maritime Sport Society “Spinut”

PSD Spinut, maritime sport society, officially exists since 1974, During 33 years of port management, it was built port infrastructure: 950 berths, of which 350 for smaller boats less then 6 m, and 600 for boats 6-15m and sport facilities for sailing, diving and sport fishing, by contribution of 1200 members of society PSD“Spinut”. As a result of building infrastructure and improving the quality of services, the eco-sign Blue Flag was acquired 2014.

Contact person: Siniša Grčić




Healthy City

Healthy City is non-profit organization, which according to the best Croatian and international practice, systematically gathers organizations that are willing to work together to improve the quality of life in Croatia and outside its borders. Since the establishment in 2000, we have successfully implemented several national and European projects. Our projects and programs are on the trail of the promotion of innovative ideas, strengthening healthy, sustainable and integral development.

Contact person: Željka Raguž




Sports Fishing Society “Strozanac”

The Sport fishing society " Strožanac " was established in 1975 and has approximately 500 members. SFS " Strožanac " is the operator of long-term concession for marina Strožanac in Podstrana. Marina has approximately 320 berths for different boat size. The Sociey is a member of the Croatian Alliance for Sports Fishing at Sea.

Contact person: Helena Boban




Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries - IOF

Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries was founded in 1930 as the first national scientific and research institution in Croatia dealing with research of the sea. The Institute carries out a very complex research in the fields of biological, chemical and physical oceanography, sedimentology, fisheries biology and aquaculture. The basic work of the Institute is fundamental scientific research, but also applied research projects for environmental protection, aquaculture and the economy in general.

Contact person: Slaven Jozić




Municipality of Ancona

Ancona is city in Marche region in central Italy, with a population of around 101,997 as of 2015. Ancona is the capital of the province of Ancona and of the region. Ancona is one of the main ports on the Adriatic Sea, especially for passenger traffic, and is the main economic and demografic centre of the region.

Contact person:




Bibione Mare S.P.A.

The main areas of activity are: campsites, bathing establishments and the marina.There are 3 campsites, the first to be realized was the “Lido” which has enabled the subsequent realization of the others two.Bathing establishments are four, each endowed with a restaurant, showers and service to ensure comfort to the nearly 8.000 beach users.The marine was built for nautical pleasure in the area in which from the time of the Venetian Republic there was the natural harbor of Baseleghe.

Contact person: Elvio Sartori




National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics - OGS

OGS is an Italian public research Institute active in the field of pure and applied research on Earth and Marine Sciences (Oceanography, Geophysics, Seismology) with a focus on development and management of Research Infrastructures. OGS missions are to safeguard environment and natural resources and to prevent geological, environmental and climatic risks. A core activity is to implement the sustainable blue growth promoting Science Policy.

Contact person: Flavio Accaino



University of Ferrara - Department of Physics and Earth Sciences

The group of petrology and geochemistry carries out researches in the fields of geochemical processes in marine sediments, in the microclimatic analysis, inorganic components analysis of sediments, chemical analyses of the seawater and freshwater qualities and identification of the elementary and isotopic marker of the natural matrixes (soil, rocks, surface water and groundwater and rain).

Contact person: Carmela Vaccaro



Consortium Future in Research

The Consorzio Futuro in Ricerca is a private non-profit research institution to develop and manage research and cooperation projects on several themes, including the environment and cultural heritage. Thanks to the multiannual participation to several programmes at national and European (i.e. INTERREG, H2020) level, CFR gained a great experience both in management and in specific tasks such as training and dissemination of the results.

Contact person: Matteo Balboni




Pordenone Technology Park “Andrea Galvani”

POLOPN is located in one of the 15 most industrialized provinces of Italy. It is involved in three main business areas:

  • Technology transfer to SMEs & citizens, where POLOP PN collaborates with research sector.
  • Creative, Culture & Tourism Industries (CCT). POLO PN is a certified incubator of CCT industries and for this sector it has dedicated the premises of an historic Villa.
  • Business development. POLO PN is an incubator of innovative startups with 124 firms established.

Contact person: Diego Santaliana



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2.2.1_Questionnaire of marina and beach users

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2.3.1_Project poster

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D.2.3.6_Marketing campaign on radio station and TVs

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2.4.1_Developed Curriculum Environmentally responsable nautics and related services

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2.4.2_Participants of education Environmentally-responsible nautics and related services in Cro and It

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2.4.3_Participants at contiuous training of port staffs

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2.4.4_Participant on training activities for students

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2.5.1_Book of abstract

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2.5.2_Event report Congress

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2.5.4_Good practice report

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3.1.1.-3.1.4_Geophysical surveys

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3.2.1-3.2.2_Report of hydrogeochemical quality and hydrogeological features and Report of freshwater

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3.2.3_Report of geochemical characterization quality of sediments

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3.3.1-3.3.4_Distribution and diversity of bent. macroinv.

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3.4.1_Harmonization document for data cataloging

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3.4.2-3.4.9_ICT-GIS data set

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4.1.1_Small scale infrastructure for improved management of waste water and rain waters in marinas

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D.4.1.2_Equipment for eco-sustainable arrangement of beach

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4.1.3_Equipment for waste and waste water management in marinas and beach under management of LP, PP1, PP3, PP5 and PP6

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4.1.4_Site visit to pilot sites

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4.2.1_4.2.2_Blue Flag

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4.2.3_Study Monitoring of biodiversity

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5.1.1_Establishment of Cluster of port cities_final

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5.1.2_Memorandum of cooperation of port cities

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5.1.3_Advanced common strategies for port cities_final

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5.2.1_Analysis of the current waste management systems in port areas of project

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5.3.1_Proceedings of the Forum (Smart tourism-industrial archeology)_final

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5.3.2_Good practices report on Smart Tourism_final

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5.4.1_Proceedings of the Forum (Virtual and subaqueos travels)

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5.4.2_Good practices report on Virtual and Subaqueous travels_final

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2.1.2_Kick off meeting report

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1.2.1._and_1.3.2._Event's report

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3.4.1_Information_Harmonization document for data cataloging, Shared database, thematic maps, forecast scenarios.

PUBLISHED ON 19/10/2022
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5.1. ECOMAP interactive platform


The video describes the biodiversity peculiar aspects of coastal areas of Upper Adriatic Sea, in details highlighting anthropic pressure factors. Marine biodiversity is also threatened by alien species, which diffusion is amplified by climate change in the Adriatic &Mediterranean Sea. Interviews with ECOMAP project partners present main concrete conservation actions foreseen and realized by the project.


​​​​​​The video presents ECOMAP project objectives in terms of management of ports and coastal areas, with the creation of clusters of intelligent port cities and promotion of Innovation Blue Hubs. Already constituted hubs in Marche, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia Italian Regions and in the County of Split (HR), which work in synergy, to enhance technology transfer, innovation and sustainability processes. Through interviews to actors involved in the project territorial actions and collaborations are presented and explained.

A short tracking shot of the ECOMAP event in Tipicità in blu 2022, with main relators. At the end, the signature of the ECOMAP Memorandum of Adriatic Regional Blue Technology Innovation Hubsby the partners.

This video presents European Green Deal strategy, objectives and commitments to reduce environmental and climatic impact. Blue Economy strategy is described in its actions for the transition to a sustainable blue growth. Local stakeholders involved in ECOMAP project present through interviews concrete actions undertaken towards those EU objectives.

In this video OGS, ECOMAP partner, presents its main research and results inside the project, dealing with the interaction between sea and land. Coastal freshwater springs have been studied, to highlight their importance in pollution monitoring and for the relation between underground waters, both fresh and salty. Enclosed port areas are potentially polluted by man activities, therefore is of primary importance to monitor environmental quality, in order to preserve the outside marine environment. Also, importance of prevention of marine plastic pollution is highlighted and its associated risks presented.

Historical aspects of the cross-border cooperation areas are presented, to introduce the project actions related to submerged archaeology and archaeozoology. Archaeological studies integrate environmental knowledge and contribute to dissemination and cultural heritage promotion. Underwater archaeology, as a new approach for the public, can implement also touristic offer and public involvement.

It is extremely important to behave responsibly toward the sea in accordance to protect all the diversity and marine environment.

A short tracking shot of the ECOMAP Final conference held in Podstrana on the 8th of June 2022. The Conference was focused on presenting the results of the project that contribute to the protection and improvement of the quality of the sea and the marine environment of the marinas and ports involved in the project.

The equipment (dredger) for the decontamination of marine sediment at the mouth of the Žrnovnica river and for its reuse for the purpose of supplementing the beach.