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Enhanced Connectivity and Harmonization of data for the Adriatic Intermodal Network






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4.1: Improve the quality, safety and environmental sustainability of marine and coastal transport services




1. General public
2. Local, regional and national public authorities
3. Regional development agencies
4. Enterprises, transport operators including operators of multimodal logistics hubs, infrastructure providers
5. Transport associations
6. Regional innovation agencies
7. NGOs
8. Education and training organisations as well as universities and research institutes

E-CHAIN (Enhanced Connectivity and Harmonization of data for the Adriatic Intermodal Network) main objective is to enhance connectivity and harmonization of data for the Adriatic Intermodal Network, through the realization of a modular integrated software (E-CHAIN platform) for the management of intermodal transport services in port areas for passenger transport. To enhance the current situation, E-CHAIN will focus on providing new services such as an improved Port multimodal infomobility system for the passengers, a ticketing system integrated with other transport modes, an advanced touristic co-marketing tool for the operators. These services will be designed and deployed in the selected pilot sites (Ancona, Split and Venice). A Business model suited to adapt the technology developed in the three applicative contexts will be created and specific needs will be taken into account. 

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Largo XXIV Maggio 1

Ancona - ITALY - andrea.digiuseppe@comune.ancona.it - +390712222720

URL: https://www.comune.ancona.gov.it/

The Municipality of Ancona, through the Urban planning, Port, Mobility & Environment Unit, ensures territorial planning, implementation & control of urban planning (including Port area), according to the guidelines defined by the Administration, pursuing the goals of growth & protection of the environment, also through concerted urban planning, coordinated projects and interventions, carrying out studies and assessments of environmental impact in order to enhance city resources & improve the quality of life, taking into account the relevant legislation. Moreover the M. organises & coordinates urban mobility, promoting environmental sustainability within the City, in collaboration with the Port Authority and other relevant regional and national authorities. The City also conceived and promotes the Middle Adriatic Metropolitan Area strategy in line with “Europe 2020″ for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in the fields of mobility, energy, environment, civil protection, tourism.

Contact persons: 

Andrea Di Giuseppe, andrea.digiuseppe@comune.ancona.it

Sanja Vukorep, sanja.vukorep@comune.ancona.it


Amatori Interestate S.R.L.

URL: https://www.amatori.com/

As Ship Agency we cover any kind of service which can be granted to shipowners and
to ships in port or ashore. Ship agency and Ship husbandry, loading and unloading of
cargoes, loading and unloading of RO-RO vessels, booking and ticketing for passengers
and vehicles, embarkations and disembarkations, etc.

Contact person: Corrado Ceccarelli

E-mail: c.ceccarelli@amatori.com


Brusutti S.R.L.

URL: http://www.brusutti.com/

Brusutti is Leader in the passenger transport sector for the province of Venice and
offers a wide range of services including many commercial lines, chauffeur, parking
Airport to Marco Polo airport and two info-ticket point in Venice, at access points to
Passenger transport is the core business of the company which operates lines to the
Dolomites, the coastline resorts of the Veneto Region, and above all, from and to the
regional ports and airports. Brusutti handles the internal transport to the port of Venice;
Brusutti operates a daily service for passengers arriving or departing from ports and
airports and a dedicated bus services from/to Venice – Treviso Airport; Brusutti‘s
parking is located in Tessera airport area with 700 slots; we Brusutti has a line from
Venice to Pula in cooperation with the company FILS.

Contact person: Marco Cocciarini

E-mail: admin@globeinside.com


G.M.T. S.p.A.

URL: http://www.gmtspa.com/

The organization is an E.S.Co. (Energy Service Company) certified UNI CEI 11352, accredited by the Authority for Electricity and Gas among the “company operating in the energy services sector”.
The organization is skilled in development of intrumentation, data acquisition systems with related software and communication segments. Main application area is to studies and realizes energy saving projects that are certified by the competent authorities, and this makes it an active player in the Energy Efficiency sector.
Other application is the development of a system that semplifies the e-mobility.

Contact person: Emanuele Giglio

E-mail: giglio@gmtspa.it


University of Trieste

URL: https://www.units.it/

The Univeristy of Trieste, Department of Engineering and Architecture is one of the largest structures in the University of Trieste, with 24 full professors, 44 associate professors and 36 researchers. It includes many research groups, which have been involved in countless projects and research activities on a wide range of topics.

Contact person: Chiara Gelmini

E-mail: cgelmini@units.it


University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies

URL: https://www.pfri.uniri.hr/

University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies (PFRI) is the oldest and the most significant higher education, scientific and research institution in the area of Maritime Studies in the Republic of Croatia. Its mission is to establish and develop appropriate study programmes (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate), as well as to perform scientific research. PFRI has personnel involved in integrated and interdisciplinary research including ICT, Maritime Transport, Logistics, International Trade Law, Maritime Economy and Engineering, as well as implementation of new ICT technologies. PFRI is recognized as a one of leading Croatian faculties working with industry, primary in maritime and logistic sectors. PFRI has accumulated experience from ore than 200 professional projects in Croatia and abroad. PFRI for decades has been working on projects regarding transportation, especially maritime transport. PFRI, although in Croatia was not in EU, has been even in the year 2005 inspected by EU Directorate for Transport and European Maritime Safety Agency. PFRI is one of the main Transportation Research bodies in Croatia.

Contact person: Ivan Dovadžija

E-mail: ivan.dovadzija@pfri.uniri.hr


Prosoft d.o.o.

URL: http://www.prosofri.hr/

Prosoft is ICT and consulting company with more than 20 years of experience in offering complete information engineering services including: management and consultancy services for information system development, communication engineering and networking, consulting and technical support for IS management and training services for users. Prosoft has references from different business sectors health institutions, educational institution, food industry, IT industry, transport and maritime sector.

Contact person: Nelida Pogačić

E-mail: nelida.pogacic@prosoftri.hr


Jadrolinija Rijeka

URL: https://www.jadrolinija.hr/

Jadrolinija is Croatia’s largest liner shipping company for the maritime transport of passengers and vehicles, with a hundred year long tradition.  The Company was founded on 20th January 1947 in Rijeka as a successor of various mergers of small-sized shipowners having taken place since 1872. The basic purpose of Jadrolinija is to connect major centres along the Croatian coast as well as numerous islands with the mainland. The carriage of passengers and vehicles is of seasonal character and closely related to the travel and tourism industry.

Contact person: Mladen Koturovic

E-mail: mladen.koturovic@jadrolinija.hr


Municipality of Split

URL: https://www.split.hr/

The Municipality of Split is the second municipality of Croatia with 178.102 inhabitants.
Its main objective is to represent all the citizens, improving the quality of their life, protecting the more disadvange ones, promoting the economic development of the local sistem. Main activities: public security, services for families and disadvantaged categories, public housing service, childhood and juvenile services, tourism promotion services, local public transport, sport, cultural managing, protection of environmental and cultural heritage.

Contact persons: 

Radojka Tomasevic, radojka.tomasevic@split.hr

Andrea Baric, andrea.baric@split.hr


Rathmann d.o.o.

URL: http://www.rathmann.hr

Rathmann d.o.o. was established in 1992. Company's business is development and implementation of systems with a large number of transactions / documents, as well as information system setup and consulting for medium to large Companies. Rathmann d.o.o. works according to its own information system building model, which became the developmental and user model today known as F4B (Framework for Business). Our customers work in fields such as maritime affairs, construction industry, sales, tourism, traffic, health care, administration. Our model is structured to conform to every business and to co-ordinate user and development processes and requests. The model and the content are identical, while versions are modified automatically according to standard procedures of content and design alterations. Online business increases our efficiency and quality of our services while saving money.

Contact person: Ema Leto

E-mail: ema.leto@rathmann.hr


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angle-left null E-CHAIN final conference


Published on 26/04/2022 (last modified 28/06/2022)


Jun 10, 2022 h.


Jun 10, 2022 h.

Join us in Rijeka, Croatia on 10th June for an E-CHAIN final conference.

Join us in Rijeka, Croatia on 10th June for an E-CHAIN final conference exploring sustainable passenger traffic in Adriatic area.

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Here you can find E-CHAIN deliverables.

D 2.1.1. E-CHAIN Communication Strategy

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.5 Mb)

D 2.1.2. Communication Plan

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.34 Mb)

D 2.1.3. Tools for coordinated E-CHAIN image

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (1.66 Mb)

D 2.1.4. E-CHAIN Kick-Off Meeting

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (2.51 Mb)

D 2.2.1. Publication in selected journals and conferences

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (3.2 Mb)

D 2.2.2. E-CHAIN Campaign on media

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.49 Mb)

D 2.2.3. Project leaflets

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (2.12 Mb)

D 2.2.4. Project roll-up

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (5.2 Mb)

D 2.2.5. Project gadgets

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (4.96 Mb)

D 2.3.1. E-CHAIN website on IT-HR webplatform management

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.39 Mb)

D 2.3.2. E-CHAIN social media strategy

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.46 Mb)

D 2.3.3. E-CHAIN social media tools management

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.42 Mb)

D 2.3.4. PPs institutional websites E-CHAIN publicity

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.23 Mb)

D 2.3.5. Mid-term Communication report

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.22 Mb)

D 2.3.6. Final communication report

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.27 Mb)

D 2.4.1. Local Public dissemination Events

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (4.8 Mb)

D 2.4.2. Final Conference

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (1.12 Mb)

D 2.4.3. Participation to IT-HR/European Institution public events

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (3.65 Mb)

D 3.1.1 State of the Art at technical and organizational level

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (3.75 Mb)

D 3.2.1 Benchmark, transport needs & suppliers roles

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (6.35 Mb)

D 3.3.1 Use case scenarios selection and preliminary requirements definition

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (5.09 Mb)

D 3.3.2 Technical and non-technical requirements

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (4.54 Mb)

D 3.4.1 E-CHAIN platform design and high level architecture

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.42 Mb)

D 4.1.1 Hardware procurement for Municipality of Ancona

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.39 Mb)

D 4.1.2. Hardware procurement for Municipality of Split

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (1.14 Mb)

D 4.1.3. ICT infrastructure procurement for Jadrolinija

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.6 Mb)

D 4.2.1. E-CHAIN software environment

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.61 Mb)

D 4.2.2. E-CHAIN platform (first release)

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.88 Mb)

D 4.2.3. Interface development kit

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.86 Mb)

D 4.2.4. E-CHAIN platform (final release)

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (1.14 Mb)

D 4.2.5. Big data monitoring tool

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (1.01 Mb)

D 4.3.1. E-CHAIN System Localization translation to Croatian and English

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (5.21 Mb)

D 4.3.2. E-CHAIN commissioning requirements

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.56 Mb)

D 4.3.3. Test environment report

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.87 Mb)

D 4.3.4. Commissioning report

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.8 Mb)

D.5.1.1 Business model creation and training

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (2.91 Mb)

D 5.1.2. Deployment definition in the Pilot Sites

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (3.42 Mb)

D 5.2.1. Business model Simulation

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (1.53 Mb)

D 5.3.1. Key Performance Indicators

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (0.43 Mb)

D 5.3.2. Assessment and evaluation surveys

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (1.38 Mb)

D 5.3.3. Assessment and evaluation report

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (1.22 Mb)

D 5.4.1. Business plan review

PUBLISHED ON 18/10/2022
PDF (1.37 Mb)



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