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Local Stakeholders Event - Municipality of Bari

Local Stakeholders Event - Municipality of Bari

Published on 08/09/2022 (last modified 08/09/2022)


Mar 28, 2022 h.


Online meeting

The Local Stakeholders Event was organised online in conjunction with the Open Regional Workshop Event

The representatives of the Municipality of Bari and PugliaPromozione (Regional Tourism Agency), welcomed participants and briefly introduced S.LI.DES project. The trend of tourist flows recorded by PugliaPromozione in Bari and in Puglia during 2021, was presented to the public for the first time. The impact of Covid-19 was analyzed together with the attractiveness of the tourist offer.

Thereafter, the S.LI.DES project was presented with the contribution of project partners ECIPA and CISET: first, the S.LI.DES project general approach, tools and challenges; secondly, the Smart Destination Ecosystem and the development of the Destination Dashboard as well as the challenges of data collection process. Then, the Municipality of Bari presented the results of S.LI.DES and ATRIUM PLUS projects, both funded by Interreg Italy-Croatia 2014/2020 Programme and both creating alternative sustainable itineraries in Bari. Particularly, the main
focus was the S.LI.DES pilot action “Turisti per Bari”. Finally, the event ended with the closure speech of the lead partner University of Venice on the strategies for the promotion of sustainable tourism, which was followed by an open discussion among stakeholders.

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