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Open Regional Workshop - Sipro Ferrara

Published on 06/09/2022 (last modified 06/09/2022)


Mar 31, 2022 h.


CNA Ferrara


Via Caldirolo, 84 - Ferrara

Sustainable tourist mobility: data from the “ferrarese” territory and development strategies

The Open Regional Workshop was an important public event to show and demonstrate the most relevant project results, by transferring benefits outcome to a wide audience, composed of policy makers, local and regional authorities, associations, regional innovation agencies, education organisations, cultural and natural management bodies and journalists. Thanks to this event, as a great opportunity to gather together different stakeholders, it has been involved our target groups and raised awareness about positive impacts of the S.LI.DES projects in Ferrara. In addiction this involvement allowed a wide participation and the event was broadcast online.

In the morning session members of regional, local development agencies and associations gave a report of their own experience about the same topic “sustainable mobility” and “sustainable tourism” in Ferrara, sharing a common vision which shed a light on development strategies and results of S.LI.DES project. SIPRO presented the project and activities, especially the outcomes of pilot action in Ferrara that demonstrated the usage of tourist flows data in tourism development strategies. Indeed, the monitoring and collecting phase followed by an analysis of data, provided results displayed in the Destination Dashboard which are our
fundamental information in order to describe and better understand tourist flows within the city centre of Ferrara. Furthermore obtained results, such as tourist mobility in the destination and the knowledge stemming from the Destination Dashboard, focused on the tourist movement and sustainable mobility theme also shared by other speakers, which brought their expertise. “Sustainable tourist mobility: data from the “ferrarese” territory and development strategies” is the title of the first part of the Open Regional Workshop, indeed, and speakers directly and indirectly involved in the tourism sector showed the resources of the territory in line with S.LI.DES objectives and outcomes, concerning the sustainable development of strategies.

The second part of the morning programme, provided a round table with local and regional authorities in order to expand the previous results from institutional representatives’ perspectives. This activity is also further describe in D.5.1.1 about Local stakeholders event. Policy makers involvement was an important step to show collaboration, activities and outcomes reached by S.LI.DES project, but also to inform and transfer knowledge in order to raise awareness and improve capacities. Thanks to a direct exchange on shared themes, such as sustainable tourism and sustainable mobility, importance was given to the results achieved by the project as ideas on policies to be strengthened.

Finally the third part of our Open Regional Workshop, named “Focus on cycle tourism and funding for the sector” involved other actors, specialised in sustainable mobility and in particular in cycle tourism, who shared their experience as entrepreneurs and cultural and natural management bodies. In this final session, it has deepen highlighted strengthens and opportunities arisen by cycle tourism in Ferrara.

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