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Destination Tour - City of Bari

Published on 07/09/2022 (last modified 07/09/2022)


May 24, 2022 h.


Bari – City Centre and Murat District



The initiative consisted in the creation of a guided tour in order to enhance the tangible and intangible heritage of the city of Bari

he tour was enriched by workshops, tastings and extraordinary openings of shops and ateliers: in fact, there are many actors and realities active in the cultural sector that have long collaborated synergically to promote the sustainable tourism respecting ancient traditions, thus animating and enhancing the city center.

The itinerary developed through the tourist historical district of Bari, better known as "Old Bari", and the Murat district relying on the pride of the residents and on the sense of belonging, albeit temporary, of the tourists. It was possible to discover Bari on a timeless tour, walking through the alleys of the city in contact with local people and their traditions, tasting typical products and immersing in the authentic and lively atmosphere of southern Italy between art, culture and folklore.

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