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angle-left null The 8 Teams of the ASOC ETC Italy-Croatia 2223

The 8 Teams of the ASOC ETC Italy-Croatia 2223

Published on 19/01/2023 (last modified 19/01/2023)

Set-up during the introductory webinar

The second edition of the At the School of OpenCohesion - ASOC ETC Italy-Croatia for the school year 2022-2023 was launched with the introductory webinar that took place on Friday 13th January 2023, addressed to Italian and Croatian Teams and their teachers 

The video recording of the webinar is available on the ASOC youtube channel

During the event were defined 8 Cross-border monitoring Teams belonging to different schools of Italy-Croatia:

The ASOC responsible - Department for Cohesion Policy of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds will carry out the coordination work with teachers and students Teams of all schools - respectively in Italy and in Croatia.

The work will consist in sharing the material useful for the monitoring and coordinating teaching classes per each of the predefined ASOC steps (4). 

In addition the teachers will have the opportunity to be in contact with Programme MA representatives and JS experts for any further clarification related to this particular project content, as well supporting in the choice of the project to be monitored.

The upcoming days will see the setup of the Lesson 1 web page on Italian ASOC platform aimed at Italian schools. The same path will be carried out on Croatian ASOC platform.

We are eager to know which projects financed by the Programme Italy-Croatia 2014-2020 will be chosen by 8 couples to be monitored!

We’ll keep you posted with all updates!