The most important information about the MADE IN-LAND project

The most important information about the MADE IN-LAND project

Published on 24/06/2022 (last modified 24/06/2022)

The MADE IN-LAND project is coming to an end, and in this article we bring a brief overview of the most important activities and results that it has managed to achieve so far.


The project brought together a total of nine partners from the Adriatic regions of Croatia and Italy with the aim of protecting and valorizing the underutilized natural and cultural resources of the continental parts of the partner regions.


The partners who participated in the project are the following:


  • Marche Region
  • University of Camerino
  • Municipality of San Leo
  • Municipality of Riccia
  • Molise Towards 2000
  • University of Zadar
  • Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA
  • Authority for The Management of Parks and Biodiversity - Romagna
  • AZRRI - Agency for Rural Development of Istria Ltd. Pazin


The total value is 2,218,069.31 EUR, and MADE IN-LAND is implemented within the Cross-border Cooperation Program Interreg Italy - Croatia 2014 - 2020. The main project activities that can be highlighted within the project were:


  • Research of the resource base of the continental parts of the partner regions
  • Regional promotional events with the aim of introducing the project to the general public
  • Activities on social networks (70 posts) that organically reached over 7,600 people on Instagram and over 30,500 people on Facebook, with a paid reach of over 270,000 people
  • Project Steering Committee Meetings
  • Workshops and meetings of local committees
  • Workshops and meetings of tourism eco-system stakeholders
  • Project partner meetings
  • Various articles about the project with the objective of educating and reporting to the public
  • Panel on the development of the hinterland
  • Cross-border cooperation strategy
  • Technical online workshops
  • Brand strategy
  • Project presentations at various complementary events in Europe
  • Implementation of pilot projects with related activities and tools developed
  • Final conference in Ancona


It is especially important to highlight the final results of the project through which the hinterland in parts of Italy and Croatia will be further valorized. They are mostly based on digital tools through which tourists can get acquainted with the offer of the hinterland in a simple and intuitive way, and even book the same offer. These are:


  • Virtual Eco-Museum “Terra di Passo” (Municipality of Riccia, Italy)
  • One-stop information center “Traveler's House” (Marche Region, Italy)
  • Sensory path of Istrian heritage (Agency for Rural Development of Istria, Croatia)
  • MusLeo Virtual Museum (Municipality of San Leo, Italy)
  • Territorial brand "In quest for the fifth element" (Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA, Croatia)


Finally, it is important to note that the Permanent Cross-Border Observatory was launched during the final technical conference, by signing a memorandum of understanding - between all partners and project stakeholders.


This means that there is a defined space for future cross-border cooperation within the MADE IN-LAND project, which may result in further development of the hinterland. Thus, the MADE IN-LAND project does not stop, but plans to further actively promote the heritage of the continental parts of the involved regions, both at the local and inter-territorial level.


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