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Published on 24/09/2020 (last modified 28/09/2020)

MADE IN-LAND 4TH SC was held 24th September, 2020.

The meeting was held on line by the Municipality of San Leo, partner of the project in collaboration with the Lead Partner, Marche Region. All PPs attended the meeting.

After the welcome greetings of the Mayor of San Leo, Mr LEONARDO BINDI, LP’ s Project Manager opened the work with the session dedicated to the financial aspects of the project.

 The meeting was also attended by a representative of an external evaluation company who contributed by evaluating the financial aspects of Made in LAND, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

Representatives of the University of Camerino, partner of the project, have redefined the agenda and the tasks of each partner to finalize the activities concerning the development of the cross-border strategy of inland areas. This was followed by a round table with technical experts for the implementation of the activities of work package 4: Development and testing of an action plan for inland areas valorisation.

Another session, held by University of Zadar, was dedicated to the package concerning the capitalization of the project model and strategy.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of the Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA NOVA provided an update on the communication activities and defined the next task for each partner.

Lead Partner and PP3 thanked everybody for participation in the online meeting.