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4.1: Improve the quality, safety and environmental sustainability of marine and coastal transport services and nodes by promoting multimodality in the programme area


North Adriatic Sea Port Authority


-General public

-Public Authorities

-Enterprises , transport operators

-Transport associations

-Education and training organisation

INTESA project establishes a network among the National Maritime Administrations of Italy and Croatia and main port authorities of the Adriatic sea (Venice, Trieste, Ravenna, Ancona, Bari, Rijeka, Ploce and Split) with the scope of harmonizing and optimizing the procedures of the complete maritime transport process in order to make port and maritime transport system more efficient and safe. The project aims at optimizing the port procedure from unload of the cargo from the ship to the forward by train or truck, at optimizing the procedure to enter and exit from the port; at increasing port performances in bad weather conditions safeguarding safety and security requirements; at designing and implementing integrated ICT tool for the management and broadcast of the information on Maritime Safety to all ships en-route in the Adriatic Sea.

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North Adriatic Sea Port Authority


Venice - Italy


The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, ports of Venice and Chioggia (NASPA) is a public body in charge for planning, promoting and monitoring port operations, overseeing the supply of services of general interest, managing the State Maritime Property and planning the development of the port. NASPA activities span from developing the Port Community System, carrying out market analysis backing investments that increase its competitiveness, safety, security and environmental sustainability.

Contact person: James Orlandi

E-mail: james.orlandi@port.venice.it


Italian Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility - Coast Guard Headquarters


ICG acts as the National Competent Maritime Authority in charge of Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre; fisheries activities control; protection of the marine environment; safety of the navigation; port/ship security enforcement; managing systems to receive and distribute ships information by radio, satellite, radar; managing NAVigational TEXt messages international service; Port Management and Information System (National Maritime Single Window and European Maritime Single Window environment).

Contact person: Giuseppe Aulicino

E-mail: giuseppe.aulicino@mit.gov.it


RAM- Logistica Infrastrutture e Trasporti SpA


RAM – Logistica Infrastrutture e Trasporti Spa is the in-house company of Italian Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility dedicated to initiatives of data collection and evaluation of ports and logistics projects and investment plans; technical assistance for Conference of the Ports’ Authority and Partnership for Logistics&Transports; management of incentives for intermodal transport and of EU programs for TEN-T networks; communication and implementation of institutional projects.

Contact person: Arianna Norcini Pala

E-mail: anorcinipala@ramspa.it


Port Network Authority of The Eastern Adriatic Sea


The Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea is a public body having as its primary task to direct, plan, coordinate, promote and control port operations and commercial and industrial activities in the ports of Trieste and Monfalcone. The Port of Trieste is the top ranking Italian port for total throughout, with more than 62 million tons (2018) as well as for intermodal transport, with almost 10,000 trains (2018) having as main markets Central and Eastern Europe.

Contact person: Alberto Cozzi

E-mail: acozzi@porto.trieste.it


Ravenna Port Authority


Port of Ravenna is a multi-purpose port ranked first in Italy for handling of cereals, food and feedstuffs, fertilizers, clay and metallurgical products. Port of Ravenna Authority operates to direct, plan, coordinate, promote and control port operations, administers the State’s maritime assets, provides for the construction of port infrastructure and guarantees the maintenance of the common areas, with aims of strengthening the connection of the port infrastructures to the road/rail networks.

Contact person: Francesco Magagnoli

E-mail: francesco.magagnoli@port.ravenna.it


Central Adriatic Sea Ports Authority


Central Adriatic Ports Authority has competence on the ports of Pesaro, Falconara, Ancona, San Benedetto, Pescara and Ortona. ADSPMAC promotes the efficient development of infrastructure and supports the introduction of technological innovation to improve freight and pax flows (11 mln tons and 1,2 mln pax per year in pre-Covid period). ADSPMAC is also involved in a sustainable port-city relationship. Ancona is the main port, Core node of TEN-T network along the ScanMED and Baltic-Adriatic

Contact person: Guido Vettorel

E-mail: vettorel@porto.ancona.it


Southern Adriatic Port Authority


Southern Adriatic Sea Port Authority manages the port areas of Bari, Brindisi, Manfredonia Barletta and Monopoli and coordinates the relations among the public and private operators for security, passengers and goods services. A Port Community System called GAIA , managed by the Port Authority is able to manage all the people accessing to port gates. Furthermore it has robust experience on EU Project management since 2006, strategic projects, on transport, environment and ICT.

Contact person: Evangelia Piteni

E-mail: e.piteni@adspmam.it


Rijeka Port Authority


Port of Rijeka Authority is a public institution for the governance, development and use of the Port of Rijeka. It manages a development of port capacities and is competent for granting concessions to private undertakings in the areas of port basins Rijeka and Sušak, basin Bay of Bakar, basin Omišalj Bay on the island of Krk and basin Raša in Istria. The main goal is to develop the Port of Rijeka as one of the most important transit ports in the northern Adriatic for European regional markets.

Contact person: Ivan Vukas

E-mail: ivan.vukas@portauthority.hr


Port of Ploče Authority


The Ploče Port Authority aim is a public nonprofit institution that aims to manage, develop and use the Port of Ploče caring for the construction, maintenance, management, protection and improvement of the port area in Ploce and Metkovic, ensuring permanent and uninterrupted port traffic, technical and technological unity and safe navigation, coordinating and supervising concessionaires performing economic activities in the port area, managing the free port zone.

Contact person: Darko Plecas

E-mail: darko.plecas@ppa.hr


Split Port Authority


Split Port Authority is a non-profit institution, established by Croatian Government, regulated by Maritime Domain and Seaports Act. Its main activities are: management of port area; ensuring port traffic; technical and technological integrity and safety of navigation; coordination and supervision of the operation of the concessionaires’ activities . Goal is providing excellent conditions and services in passenger traffic and increasing the competitiveness of cargo ports and goods traffic

Contact person: Josko Berket Bakota

E-mail: jberket@portsplit.hr


Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure


Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Croatia is a state body which provides administrative, legal and expert tasks for the transport and communications. For the maritime transport the Ministry carries out inspections, administrative activities for navigation safety, search and rescue, vessel traffic management, marine ship-source pollution protection, hydrographic activities, legal relations in navigation, in inland sea waters, territorial sea, economic zone.

Contact person: Ana Udina

E-mail: ana.udina@pomorstvo.hr


Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Croatia DHMZ


Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHMZ) is a national service for providing information on weather, climate, marine, hydrological and ecological phenomena and climate extremes. DHMZ is national authority for marine meteorological service in Croatia, with mission to improve knowledge on marine information systems for ships and harbors, and general public, to promote the standards and best practice for efficient service–to-ship weather information exchange at Adriatic Sea.

Contact person: Dijana Klarić

E-mail: dijana.klaric@cirus.dhz.hr


Asset Publisher

Asset Publisher


Here all the documents

D.2.4.3 Project digital Flyer | EN

PUBLISHED ON 03/01/2022
PDF (4.14 Mb)

D.2.4.3 Project digital Flyer | IT

PUBLISHED ON 13/01/2022
PDF (4.12 Mb)

D.2.4.3 Project digital Flyer | HR

PUBLISHED ON 03/01/2022
PDF (4.14 Mb)

D.2.5.1 Final Pubblication

PUBLISHED ON 26/09/2022
PDF (14.42 Mb)

Work Package 3 Downloads

D.3.1.1 Report on Common Methodology

D.3.2.1 SWOT Analysis

D.3.2.2 Needs assememnt report

D.3.3.1 report on IT processes of Adriatic ports

D.3.4.1 report on benchmarking and KPIs of Adriatic Ports

D.3.5.1 technical report on cross border ports' processes/procedures solutions

D.3.6.1 SWOT Analysis of transnational IT system for maritime safety

D.3.6.2 Technical report on ASMs messages and specifications

D.3.7.1 LP-FS to improve nautical accessibility and nautical safety through the implementation of innovative navigation aids

D.3.7.2 PP04-FS with the aim to identify the best technological and organizational way to improve the quality and usability of the cartography of the Port of Ravenna

D.3.7.3 PP05-FS for the extension of PCS to multiport system of Ancona, Pesaro, San Benedetto del Tronto, Ortona

D.3.7.4 PP06-FS for installation of five mareographs and integration of data in the multiport PCS of Bari, Brindisi, Barletta, Manfredonia and Monopoli

D.3.7.5 PP07-FS on Analysis and technical requrements for extension and upgrade of VHF, AIS and VTS systems to uncovered port areas

D.3.7.6 PP08-FS for Harmonization and orchestration of data exchange between NSW and local systems with technicaltechnological analysis and requirements for pilot actions. Port of Ploče Authority will upgrade local PCS system with incident management system which will store data exchange from NSW. These actions will higher safety and security measures in port areas.

D.3.7.7 PP09-FS on definition of guidelines for port entrance/berthing/unberthing/ mooring in different weather conditions and changes in sea and air value

D.3.7.8 PP10-FS for the Harmonization and orchestration of data exchange between NSW and local Port IT systems with technical-technological analysis of national navigation safety systems and local equipment and guidelines for the implementation of the exchange and distribution of maritime safety information


Work Package 4 Downloads

D.4.1.1 PILOT LP: Pilot study to improve nautical accessibility and safety through navigation aids based on geo-localisation, high precision cartography and real time AIS data sharing

D.4.1.2 PILOT PP03: Electronic and smart monitoring of the natural harbour of Trieste; integration of port’s PCS with VTS will be implemented

D.4.1.3 PILOT PP04: Improvement of the safety in navigation and in general in the port area by: - Test of innovative navigation aids in port area;- Improvement of quality of the cartographic support for the management of the works; - Improvement of Nautical Accessibility publishing the port information guide

D.4.1.4 PILOT PP05: installation and testing of innovative equipments to improve navigation aids and rescue operations at Sea

D.4.1.5 PILOT PP06: installation of five mareographs and integration of data in the multiport PCS of Bari, Brindisi,Barletta,Manfredonia and Monopoli

D.4.1.6 PILOT PP07: Extension and upgrade of VHF, AIS and VTS systems to uncovered port areas

D.4.1.7 PILOT PP08: Upgrading of existing ICT systems with upgrade of PCS message broker and incident management system related harmonization and orchestration of data exchange between NSW and local systems

D.4.1.8 PILOT PP09: Equipment for measuring weather conditions (buoyssensors); Educational workshops for FS and legal guidelines (rulebook) for port's operations in various weather conditions

D.4.1.9 PILOT PP10: upgrading of local Port IT systems – NSW data exchange

D4.2.1 INTESA Cross Border Action Plan


Work Package 5 Downloads

D.5.1.1 technical report on Recognition of the technical features for the national systems and the local equipment

D.5.1.2 technical guidelines on definition of the information sharing methods

D.5.2.1 Technical and user requirements reports for the ICT tools to be integrated in the national systems

D.5.3.2 Software tools implemented, tested and activated by PP01, PP10 and PP11



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