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Valorisation of Adriatic cultural and natural heritage through strengthening of visibility and tourist promotion






€ 590.000


3.1 Make natural and cultural heritage a leverage for sustainable and more balanced territorial development


AdriPromTour - Primorje-Gorski Kotar County


  • Cultural and natural heritage management bodies
  • General public
  • Local, regional and national public authorities
  • Associations, regional innovation agencies
  • Education and training organisations as well as universities and research institutes
  • Regional and local development agencies, enterprises ( in particular SMEs within cultural and creative industry as well as the environmental and tourism sector)

The aim of the project is to valorize the results of relevant Standard+ and Standard projects in order to develop and promote common cross-border identity and heritage. The valorization is based on sustainable promotion of rich natural and cultural heritage of the border area through development of sustainable thematic cultural routes to contribute to the distribution of tourism flows in a wider geographical area. The project will highlight the main results of the relevant Standard+ and Standard projects in order to promote them on a higher level and to wider public in a new, sustainable way. New forms of tourism are trend in the world and are appropriate to solve the problem of massive and seasonal tourism. Through development of new forms of experimental tourism, tourists will be encouraged to actively participate in the local cultures and communities. Cross-border cooperation multiplies the effect, and common development guarantees quality, success and exchange of tourists. By developing a common cross-border identity and heritage, Adriatic area will become unique tourist area that will connect contents and economic, social and cultural cross-border exchange. Project partners will promote their regions as part of one integral cross-border destination by promoting the results of their relevant Standard+ and Standard projects on a higher level. The key results will be innovative diversified tourist product that will bring additional contribution to shared theme and common narrative from relevant Standard+ and Standard projects in forms of manifestations, study visits and developed virtual reality platform. It will improve visibility and increase number of visitors; identification of needs will help in finding bottlenecks and in preparation of the proposals for new financial period; strong promotional campaign will improve visibility, highlight the main ideas of the project and encourage visitors to actively participate in the local cultures and communities; educations and study visits will improve the skills of tourist stakeholders to present common cross-border heritage on a higher level; participation on fairs will improve the level of promotion in cross-border area and outside, so the participants will improve their skills and knowledge about higher level of promotion and valorization of heritage, and visitors will find out new attractive cultural-tourist destinations.

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Primorje-Gorski Kotar County


Rijeka - Croatia


Primorje-Gorski Kotar County (PGC) is a regional government authority responsible for initiating and co-financing of projects in fields of culture, education, tourism, regional development, infrastructure, social welfare, and others.

contact person: Danijela Perković

e-mail: danijela.perkovic@pgz.hr


University Politechnic of Marche


Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM) is a public teaching and research university with a technical-scientific vocation. UNIVPM staff working is made up of about 700 professors, 650 administrative/ technical employees.It is endowed with up-to-date scientific and technical laboratories. The unit is skilled in Digital Cultural Heritage devoted to Virtual exploitation of contents in on site installation or desktop/mobile platform.

Contact person: Ramona Quattrini

E-mail: r.quattrini@univpm.it


Municipality of Cervia


Cervia is a tourist municipality situated on the Adriatic coast, with around 30.000 inhabitants. Besides the local authorities’ typical functions, Cervia has always paid attention towards the sustainable development in its wider meaning (economical, environmental and social). It has a long experience in the touristic promotion and in implementation of policies related to valorising its natural resources, as well as the historical-cultural heritage.

Contact person: Daniela Poggiali

E-mail: poggialid@comunecervia.it


Municipality of Cesenatico


The Municipality of Cesenatico has a EU projects office in charge of collecting information on Call for Proposals as well as search for partners. It performs a crosscutting support to all the other departments and offices of the municipalities, identifying needs and priorities to be then adapted, as far as possible, in EU projects.

Contact person: Davide Gnola

E-mail: davide.gnola@comune.cesenatico.fc.it


Juraj Dobrila University of Pula


Established in 2006, Juraj Dobrila University of Pula is a non-profit public higher education institution located in town of Pula. The Faculty of Economics and Tourism "Dr. Mijo Mirković" is the largest constituent of Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, within which all levels of higher education are being carried out: from undergraduate and graduate studies to postgraduate specialist and doctoral programmes of study.

Contact person: Tamara Floričić

E-mail: tfloricic@unipu.hr


City of Kaštela


City of Kaštela has hierarchical administrative structure with Mayor and one Deputy on the top and 7 departments for different fields of interest. As a local authority, City of Kaštela perform activities of a local importance such are: urban planning, upbringing and education, social and child care, primary health care, culture, physical culture and sport, utility management, maintenance of public places, traffic and others. The municipality does not perform economic activities on the market.

Contact person: Marijana Mišerda Bajić

e-mail: marijana.miserda-bajic@kastela.hr




Consorzio Punto Europa Teramo (COPE) is a regional-level development Agency providing assistance to Public Authorities in the implementation of development plans; manages projects and feasibility studies on economic, social and cultural development; enhances the access to funds and promotes productivity in economic sectors, also acting as a relevant centre for the dissemination of information through the official information Antenna of the European Commission called “Europe Direct Abruzzo”.

Contact person: Filippo Lucci

E-mail: adripromtour@consorziopuntoeuropa.it


Šibenik-Knin County


Šibenik Knin County - is a regional self-government whose area represents a natural, historical, traffic, economic, social and self-governing whole. It carries out affairs of regional importance, in particular the legal affairs relating to education, health, spatial and urban planning, economic development, traffic and transport infrastructure, planning and development of the network of educational, health, cultural and social institutions.

Contact person: Lucija Madzar

E-mail: lucija.madzar@skz.hr


Asset Publisher

Asset Publisher


Here are listed all AdriPromtour project deliverables

Public events of other Macro-regional Strategies and other EU funded projects

PUBLISHED ON 23/01/2024
PDF (1.4 Mb)

Participation on international tourism fairs

PUBLISHED ON 17/01/2024
PDF (4.46 Mb)


PUBLISHED ON 01/09/2023
PDF (4.71 Mb)


PUBLISHED ON 23/01/2024
PDF (22.72 Mb)


PUBLISHED ON 23/01/2024
PDF (27.31 Mb)

Cross-border inventory of project results

PUBLISHED ON 04/09/2023
PDF (0.87 Mb)

Transnational inventory of project results

PUBLISHED ON 04/09/2023
PDF (0.62 Mb)

Best practices

PUBLISHED ON 25/01/2024
PDF (0.58 Mb)

Cross-border Exploitation Plan

PUBLISHED ON 04/09/2023
PDF (0.73 Mb)

Identified needs

PUBLISHED ON 23/01/2024
PDF (0.89 Mb)

Project ideas

PUBLISHED ON 23/01/2024
PDF (0.45 Mb)

EUSAIR Flagship paper

PUBLISHED ON 18/01/2024
PDF (0.54 Mb)

Thematic educations for stakeholders

PUBLISHED ON 17/01/2024
PDF (2.9 Mb)

Study visits

PUBLISHED ON 18/01/2024
PDF (4.94 Mb)


PUBLISHED ON 17/01/2024
PDF (4.98 Mb)

Thematic seminars with other EU initiatives

PUBLISHED ON 23/01/2024
PDF (1.38 Mb)

Locations virtualised with VR tech

PUBLISHED ON 08/09/2023
PDF (2.28 Mb)

VR integrated platform guide

PUBLISHED ON 08/09/2023
PDF (0.79 Mb)

VR integrated platform link


Discover Primorje Gorski Kotar County - The Seaside-Mountainous pearl of the adriatic

Discover Ancona: City of art, culture, history and traditions in the palm of your hand

Discover Cesenatico: sea, culture and traditions

Discover Ližnjan: you belong among the stars

Discover Kastela: the gorgeous city with 7 castles

Discover Teramo: suspended between mountains and sea

Overview of project activities implemented by Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

Overview of project activities implemented by Polytechnic University of Marche

Overview of project activities implemented by Municipality of Cervia

Overview of project activities implemented by Municipality of Cesenatico

Overview of project activities implemented by Juraj Dobrila University of Pula

Overview of project activities implemented by City of Kaštela

Overview of project activities implemented by Europe Point Consortium

Overview of project activities implemented by Šibenik-Knin County



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