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Open air museum about ancient Spina opened his doors for the first time

Published on 23/09/2020 (last modified 24/11/2020)

First activities occurred at the open air museum about ancienti Spina in Comacchio

On Saturday 5 September and on Sunday 6 September it has been possible to visit the site of Stazione Foce where, thanks to the VALUE Project, the Municipality of Comacchio, in collaboration with the History, Culture and Civilization Department of Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna, has started setting up a museum installation intending to offer a glimpse of the ancient city of Spina.

The area structures were not yet finished yet and it is precisely in this moment that has been possible to observe structural and technical details that will hardly be visible in future as they will be covered by reed roof and lattice walls.

Visitors has been guided by Prof. Antonio Gottarelli, creator of the project and etruscologist of the University of Bologna, and has been able to closely observe these installations, entirely made of wood and get an idea of ​​which were the houses in which the ancient Spina.

In compliance with the anti-covid19 rules, participants worn facial mask and filled traceability forms