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Laura Schiff - The beauty of small villages. Intermodality: the path to encounter it

Updated on :26/04/2020

When you can only move with your private vehicle to reach the historic villages you arrive in small towns, where it becomes difficult to move and park. When in this situation the desire to visit authentic places arises, to discover the true traditions and the soul of a community that is different from the usual, once you have chosen a real place that you would like to know … often you give up. What is the waiver due to? The frustrating idea of having to plunge into traffic and get back to parking problems. That’s why we need a new intermodality, along the coast and towards the small charming villages of the hinterland.Train, bicycle and public buses are the means that, interconnected and made available and usable by smart technologies, can bring new travelers to the discovery of art, history, nature and local products, and contribute to the economic development of small towns without altering their features.

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