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Zadar Airport pilot project > Info kiosk for better passengers flow

Updated on :21/04/2020

As a part of our pilot project Zadar Airport followed the most clicked information on our website The main goal was to see what is that our passengers and all users of our website are most interested in.
Besides that we were cooperating with our external partenrs on developing via website which is accessible on interactive kiosk at Zadar Airport.
Between 1st of June and 25th of August, a period which acutally represents the peak of the season at Zadar Airport our analytic tool has given following results.
Public transportation which is the most important one for our project was among the top 10 most searched information. When we calculate searches on croatian and english language it turns out that transportation takes 4th place in total with more than 30.000 clicks.
These results are a proof that our passengers are very interested in ways how to get from Zadar Airprot to their desired destinations especially using public transportation what is also one of the goals of this procjet.
In order to provide all incoming and outgoing passengers with accurate information about getting from point A to point B Zadar Airport has installed interactive kiosk in front of arrivals area next to the bus station.
We believe that installed kiosk will definitely be of use to its users and at a bit bridge the gap between Zadar Airport and final destinations.