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The City of Šibenik pilot project > Shuttle bus line between the ŠIbenik and two airports

Updated on :21/04/2020

The City of Šibenik idea through Step Up project was to establish shuttle bus connections with Zadar and Split airports. The idea of pilot is to connect three neighboring cities and two airports, create three different multimodal points including airports, main bus stations and sea ports, in order to allow greater mobility between these cities for the citizens and their guests.
Pilot project implementation started at July 26th and finished at August 27th 2019.
During that period one minibus and one van operate between the city of Sibenik and Split Airport, eight times a day. Similarly, minibus and van connected the city of Sibenik and Zadar Airport seven times a day. Ticket price were 60,00 kn per person. Shuttle bus timetable was fully aligned with the flight schedule (arrivals and departures).
During the implementation period 476 passengers were transported between Šibenik and Zadar Airport and 831 passengers between Šibenik and Split airport, in total 1307 persons used this shuttle service during the sixty days pilot.
One of the main reasons we started this pilot project was to facilitate and simplify the transportation of passengers to Sibenik, local population and tourists.
The pilot project ensured better transport links between the city of Šibenik and the Zadar and Split airports, increased tourism mobility and improved living conditions of local citizens.
Pilot showed an interest of local population and tourists for this kind of service.
The mayor of Šibenik, during the Step-Up conference in Šibenik announced that shuttle busses will connect Šibenik with the Split and Zadar airports during the summer 2020.