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Split Dalmatia County pilot project > e-chargers network across the county

Updated on :21/04/2020

The idea of the project is to develop an electric charger network for electric vehicles in the hinterland of the Split-Dalmatia County. A total of five installed locations for the project are: Vrlika, Sinj, Cista Provo, Zagvozd and Imotski. The idea of project is to develop a charging station network by installing electric vehicle charging stations at spatial intervals of 35 km, in order to increase the availability of all inner parts of the Split-Dalmatia County for electric vehicle drivers. The electric charger stations are set up on attractive tourism destinations and near frequent traffic routes, and the service itself will be tested at the time of the tourist season when the demand for charging stations is extremely high.
Main results of the project implementation are:

  • establishment of publicly accessible electric charger network in hinterland of Split-Dalmatia County as a concept of e-mobility;
  • increasing accessibility of the electric vehicle traffic system;
  • the integration of publicly available services and the increase of the spatial mobility of th e local population and tourists;
  • development of efficient and accessible services and information platforms;
  • promoting e-mobility and multimodal traffic among local people and tourists.

The main impact of the project implementation will be stimulated by increasing mobility and increasing tourism visibility of the county’s hinterland. It is also possible to expect economic changes caused by the use of rational and costeffective transport solutions such as the transport model of electric vehicles.
The implementation of project ensures technical progress (especially in the interior of the county) which should be visible in increasing quality of transport infrastructure.