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E-Planner “Never been so close”

Published on 26/04/2020 (last modified 26/04/2020)

Marche region pilot project and what was implemented

Marche Region extends over an area of 9,694 square kilometers of the central Adriatic slope between Emilia-Romagna to the north, Tuscany and Umbria to the west, and Lazio and Abruzzo to the south, the entire eastern boundary is formed by the Adriatic Sea.

Its strategical geographic position and the three major interchange HUBs (airport, port and train station) should ensure that the city of Ancona is considered a strategic starting point for tourists and residents to travel across Europe. The lack of a single multimodal information system and the difficulty to display transport information, discourage users to start their travel from Ancona or using public transport (like train or bus) to reach the interchange HUBs.

For this reason, during the STEP-UP project, Marche Region developed a single multimodal and cross-border travel planner platform in order to facilitate at first the access to the transport network and on the other side attract more demand thanks to the inclusion of events and points of interest. It is important to offer easy and complete information for a high quality users’ experience avoiding the proliferation of web applications.

To make available this travel planner and tourism system to end users, hereafter what has been developed during the project:

  • Back-office to upload events and points of interest of each territory involved in SEP-UP project
  • Import for Mobility data collection in GTFS well format to feed the E-planner.
  • Tourism platform has been realized and published to make easier the access to end users for the consultation of events and points of interest
  • Travel planner platform has been realized and published to make easier the access to end users for searching multimodal travel solutions

The STEP-UP platform includes two type of communication channels: web, app where collected information will be accessible for end-users.

The E-planner – Never been so close is available through the following link:

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