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Tourist flows governance in future smart cities: from real time data to predictive models

Published on 10/06/2022 (last modified 10/06/2022)

A meeting to present the recent results of research on big-data analytics and the study of predictive models to build useful tools for the development of policies towards sustainable tourism

In this context, some activities carried out within the project will be illustrated Italy-Croatia- SLIDES (Smart strategies for sustainable tourism in LIvely cultural DEStinations).

In particular, in the second part of the meeting to be held on 10 June in the morning, the problems for a sustainable development of smart cities with a tourist vocation will be discussed and their possible solutions will be presented from different multidisciplinary points of view.


WHEN: June 9th and 10th
​​​​​​​WHERE: Aula Alberti 4, Campus di Rimini (Piazzetta Teatini, 13)