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Local Stakeholders Event - DURA Dubrovnik

Published on 08/09/2022 (last modified 08/09/2022)


Mar 16, 2022 h.


The Lazareti Dubrovnik



An event to explain the main activities and results with the focus on those important for Dubrovnik stakeholders

Ms. Kristina N. Vujanović, as a S.Li.DES. project manager on behalf of PP9 DURA, presented the project all the participants, providing some general information, explaining the main activities and results with the focus on those important for Dubrovnik stakeholders. The emphasis was on the pilot action in Dubrovnik – Traditional Arts and Crafts fair organized in the Lazareti of Dubrovnik in 2021.

Then Mr. Stjepan Ćavar from DURA held the presentation on smart solutions in the City of Dubrovnik implemented through project S.Li.DES. and symbiosis with other projects’ results (e.g., smart systems as the visitors’ counter system, free Wi-Fi system and the smart multidimensional application in Rectors’ Palace in Dubrovnik). Soon after online speakers joined; Ms. Valeria Minghetti from CISET held Zoom presentation on the S.Li.DES. project general approach, tools and challenges.

The most important focus was on the Smart Destination Ecosystem and the development of the Destination Dashboard, as well as the challenges of data collection process. Another online presenter was Mr. Armando Bazzani from CAST who held Zoom presentation on the SLIDES project strategy for tourist flows: from real time data to predictive models. The event ended following by the discussion on the S.Li.DES. strategy creation and the S.Li.DES. Destination tour (led by Ms. Vesna Barišić, Dubrovnik tourist guide).

After the event, an online questionnaire was sent out to all the participants, as announced during the event.

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