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5th SAPSAS Management Team (MT), Project Office (PO) and Steering Committee (SC) meeting

5th SAPSAS Management Team (MT), Project Office (PO) and Steering Committee (SC) meeting

Published on 05/10/2020 (last modified 13/10/2020)


Oct 05, 2020 h.

On the 5th of October 2020, the SASPAS members gathered together online for an project partner meeting.

During the meeting, representative of the Lead Partner, presented the state of the art on management, monitoring and reporting procedures. The partners discussed the development of all project activities. The deliverables of each activity were discussed in detail, clarifying needed actions to their finalization during the upcoming period.

Lead partner informed project partners that SASPAS project prolongation for 9 months have been approved, so officially SASPAS project ends in May 2022. Additionally, due to this major change, new time table plan was prepared.

Each project partner informed about their activities. SASPAS monitoring campaigns have been done in September. Seagrass transplantations in Monfalcone was also done in September but buoys laying were postponed to spring 2021.

In addition, SASPAS project has in plan to finish and distribute their 2nd e-newsletter by the end of the year.

SASPAS also started working on its Digital Information platform and finished first step and proposed the plan for Definition of the Marine Seagrass Safeguard Integrated Management Program (MSSIMP).

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