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Project presentation and exhibition

Published on 04/06/2021 (last modified 01/10/2021)


May 24, 2021 h.10:00


May 25, 2021 h.14:00


City Hall 


Grad Rijeka, Korzo 16, Rijeka 


Eda Rumora

In the City Hall Rijeka Croatian partners were presented project REVIVAL and  implemented activities at their pilot sites; bunkers in Rijeka and Zadar and building of the Agricultural cooperative in Kaštela



Srđan Škunca, head of Department for Development, Urbanism, Ecology and Land Management of the City of Rijeka pointed out Rijeka choosen heritage, Alpine wall – military fortification as a their pilot site.  The World War 2 military fortification facility, built as an underground fortification consisting of a system of a total of 12 underground tunnels and combat blocks (bunkers) just above the terrain line.

One of the few completely finished buildings in the area of the city of Rijeka was built between 1931 and 1941 ("Circular 200") and is an integral part of the steel and concrete defence belt, also known as the Vallo Alpino (translated Alpine wall). As of December 1939, the "Circular 15000" created a detailed classification of the fortifications, and according to the same, based on the known parameters, it is possible to classify the fortification of Katarina (A and B) among the large fortress ("Opera grossa") category. Katarina B is an extremely well-preserved fortress and has a very attractive underground and aboveground part and which is a good representative of a complex fortification system which of course cannot be fully presented, but this location could be an interpretation center of the military heritage segment in Rijeka.

Antonija Mlikota, a representative of the University of Zadar, presented the Digital Documentation Center for Lost Heritage and theirs pilot site - Zadar bunkers.

Maja Vukan on behalf PI RERA S.D. represented old building of Agricultural cooperative Kaštela COOP and forgotten storytelling about Crljenak – Kaštela Zinfandel.
Next day, 25th May 2021, was opened exhibition on the Rijeka main street, Korzo, where was exposed all forgotten spaces listed in Digital documentation centre.