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ICARUS Final Conference held in Trieste

Published on 09/12/2021 (last modified 09/12/2021)

ICARUS partners and several stakeholders met in Trieste, discussing on the importance of cross-border cooperation, stakeholder and citizens involvment and presented their lessons learned over the pass three years.

On December 7th 2021, ICARUS partners and several stakeholders met in Trieste to discuss the main achievements of the project and capitalize on the lessons learned in the passed three years. The first part of the conference concerned ICT solutions like apps, web and ICT platforms, new and improved transport services, intermodal and cross-border passengers’ connections. 
The importance of the cross-border cooperation and stakeholder involvement was underlined by several speakers, in particular by Prof. Andrea Stocchetti. In his keynote speech he highlighted how important it is to achieve the change of mindset of the citizens and tourists, in embracing new and more sustainable transport solutions. It is true that by introducing stricter rules can lead to such a shift, but it is not often well accepted. Promotional activities, surveys, and involvement of the citizens on the other hand can lead to the same result, with a wider citizens acceptance.
This was also an input for the round-table discussion with the representatives of the regions involved in the project. Participants spoke about the main challenges to make such a change and in involving the citizens, as well as on the future plans and synergies to further capitalize on the ICARUS results.
The last part of the conference was dedicated to the Enlarged Transfer Programme, during which the project lead partner rewarded the best light action plan in line with the ICARUS objectives and plans.
The event video will soon be published in our video gallery so please stay tuned.

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