I-Archeo.S. - new creative productions

I-Archeo.S. - new creative productions

Published on 30/05/2020 (last modified 03/06/2020)

​​​​​​​Now online in DOCS&TOOLS some of the I-Archeo.S.“new creative productions”, outcome of sharing of ideas, know-how, needs of stakeholders gathered in Clusters, led by Project Partners.

​​​​​​New creative productions are aimed at diversifying products/services to attract different types of tourists, combining innovation, multidisciplinary approaches to promote the Heritage.

At their base there is the emerged need for the Clusters of a visual storytelling of their itineraries to enhance them, and to provide tools that allow replicability and sustainable management of itineraries.

TPP has organized a Short Master "Management of cultural tourism communication" to strengthen storytelling skills in the tourism-cultural communication and realized videos that tell the itineraries; Abruzzo Region has organized training course for its cluster in English and Tourism Marketing and it has produced video-storytelling.

Marche Teatro has worked for consolidating the role of Teatro delle Muse as cultural hub in Ancona, developing the offer of typical products, accessibility, hospitality; Grad Pazin has published a Guidebook for tourist guides and organized a workshop for tourist guides in Storytelling.

PoU-Poreč and Grad Crikvenica have worked on the identity elements of their itineraries: “Okolo Festival” and “The Love Riviera”.

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