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BOOST5 project discovers new forms of sustainable tourism in Putignano

Published on 30/06/2023 (last modified 26/07/2023)

The BOOST5 project discovers the hidden attractions of Putignano: from Carnival to minor events, how to attract different targets of tourists": this was the main topic discussed during the local event organised by Tecnopolis within the BOOST5 Cooperation Project.

It was an opportunity to present the project and its activities and to involve the cultural, tourist, and entrepreneurial world of the Putignano area in order to create a network among local stakeholders to enhance the resources and opportunities already present and to develop future tourism prospects not yet explored.

In this line, Luciana Laera, Mayor of Putignano and host of the event emphasized that the Putignano Carnival can become an event that attracts tourists all year round, given the presence of the workshops of the artisans who work papier-mâché and the area's wealth of food and wine products that offer a variety of flavours and dishes for every palate.
Due to its long history and precious craftsmanship tradition, the famous event of the Putignano Carnival and papier-mâché processing have been included by Tecnopolis among the best practices of innovative tourism within the Catalogue realized with the BOOST5 Project, published on the website

During the event, Tommaso De Palma, Coordinator of the Anci Puglia Scientific Technical Committee, emphasized the importance of the bike economy, a sector that attracts tourists/sportsmen who demand high-quality services. 
Annamaria Annicchiarico gave voice to the 20-year-long work that the Technology Park has been doing in favor of the enhancement of local businesses, thanks to the several cooperation projects and the synergy with Puglia Region: an opportunity immediately welcomed by Mayor Laera, who proposed Tecnopolis to continue with this collaboration for future activities and projects.

Alessandra Dalena, organiser of TEDxPutignano, now in its third edition, for the municipality of Putignano, concluded the meeting by emphasising tourism linked to events, which are an important driving force for animating the territory and attracting tourists.