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From Vision to Reality: Exploring BOOST5's Project Achievements

Published on 30/06/2023 (last modified 22/08/2023)

We are thrilled to share the groundbreaking results of the BOOST5 Project, shaping the future of tourism in the Italy-Croatia region! 

We are very proud to present you the outputs on which all the partners worked together.

Series of documents and events such as the High Level event contributions, Journalist Study Visit, Inventory of heritage in minor territories, Thematic best practice catalogue, White paper on financial opportunities, EUSAIR Pillar 4 ‘Air Cultural Routes’ flagship paper, Study Visits, Masterclasses programme and Capacity building workshop for policymakers set the base for the BOOST5 Output 3.1 "Guidelines for design and exploitation of alternative Natural and Cultural Routes in the Italy-Croatia area promoting accessibility, sustainability and delocalization of touristic flows toward fewer known attractions". Output 3.1 will support the improvement of administrative policies to foster cultural assets as a growth resource, both at regional and cross-border level. 

Output 3.2 "Financial Dialogue Perspectives for Project Ideas for the Programming Period 2021-2027" is built upon the following documents elaborated within the BOOST5 project: the "White Paper Identifying Financial Opportunities in the Next Programming Period for Tourism Sector Enhancement at IT - HR Territorial Level" (D 3.2.1) and the "EUSAIR Pillar 4 "Air Cultural Routes" Flagship Paper" (D 3.2.2). After a general overview of the EU main policies and priorities linked to tourism, this document will outline the different financial instruments available for the tourism sector (with a focus on the Italy-Croatia CBC area) and offer a methodology for transnational co-creation of project ideas that can be further capitalised with the funds available within the programming period 2021-2027. The document will also provide four concrete examples of project ideas with contextual data and supporting methodology for planning future activities related to the promotion of culture and tourism in the programme area and beyond. 

“MADE IN-LAND: MAnagement and DEvelopment of INLANDs”, project financed by Interreg 2014-2020, aims to make the natural and cultural heritage a lever for the sustainable development of inland areas. The constitution of Output 3.3. "Permanent Cross-Border Observatory" (PCO) is part of the planned activities. This document aims to establish the Permanent Cross-Border Observatory of “MADE IN-LAND“that is expanded further by activities of Interreg Italy-Croatia “BOOST5” cluster project.

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