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D3.3.3. 8 Educational workshops

Updated on :18/05/2020

In Application form under the deliverable D3.3.3 8 education workshops stand that the aim of the workshops is “to set quality video material on the web platform, workshops intended for artists and students, are of great significance. Each partner will hold a workshop in his own country (4 ITA in premises and coordination of PPF (2 workshops) and 2 Veneto Region; and 4 in CRO: 2 RERA,2 Primorje-Gorski Kotar County). In order to guarantee the cooperation aspect, the training activities will be organized in exchange: each Partner will host and organize training activities aimed not only to its own students or video makers, but also to the ones from the other partners’ countries. The added value in this case is that students and video makers coming from different territories and contests, will work together and collect best practices and experiences.”