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Published on 03/10/2022 (last modified 03/10/2022)

Veneto: new guides in Augmentative Alternative Communication for villas and museums.

The Veneto Region aims to tell the heritage in a clear, understandable, and accessible way, for and to all. For this reason, in the frame of TAKE IT SLOW project, the Region has just created new guides in AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication), for villas, museums, gardens and historical villages within of Veneto, specifically in the provinces of Padua, Venice and Rovigo, thus integrating the accessible tourism offer of products realized through another Interreg Italy-Croatia, entitled Tourism4All.

The involved places are characterized by extraordinary beauty and unique historical value, while some of them are already very famous, others less known. Today, these places are united by the fact that they are increasingly accessible and inclusive.

The descriptive guides that use AAC communication, in fact, allow to inform effectively as well as to expand skills by positively influencing the emotional, linguistic, cognitive, attentional and relational areas of the person with intellectual deficit.

In each AAC guide we can find photos, easy-to-read texts suitable for people with mild dyslexia, pictograms, and Widgit Literacy Symbols (aka Rebus). A brochure for everyone, a valid travel companion for children with Specific Learning Disorders, with cognitive difficulties or who have not yet acquired the ability to read-write, for children of foreign mother tongue, for people with cognitive disabilities and with autism, but also for elderly people.

Download the guides for free here.