SUTRA Project Partner Poreč is a leader in the field of energy efficiency in Croatia - By 2030, they plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 40%! - SUTRA

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4.1: Improve the quality, safety and environmental sustainability of marine and coastal transport services and nodes by promoting multimodality in the programme area


Municipality of Caorle


  • General public
  • Local, regional and national public authorities
  • Enterprises, transport operators including operators of multimodal logistics hubs, infrastructure providers
  • Regional development agencies

The overall objective of SUTRA is to promote sustainable mobility on the Adriatic coast and its hinterland. By mainstreaming innovative mobility concepts for passenger transport, urban centres in the Programme area will be able to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and reduce CO2 emissions. The main outputs of SUTRA are: 10 new eco-friendly multimodal transport services for passengers, 1 new maritime link between Italy and Croatia (relation Caorle – Poreč) and 1 jointly developed Crossborder Manual for smart design and integration of soft mobility solutions in coastal areas. The main outputs will provide benefits to tourists, residents of coastal areas and the hinterland, local and regional public administrations and SME’s. 

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Municipality of Caorle


Caorle - Italy

The project aims to realize a maritime connection between the City of Caorle and the City of Porec, through a first arrangement of the Fishing Port (excavation and re-calibration of the marina bottom and analysis of sludge) and the subsequent awarding of a service in concession for transport of tourists between the two cities.

Contact person: Enzo Lazzarin





Municipality of Chioggia

The Municipality’s structure is organized by seven departments and 250 employees to develop and plan a City life. Chioggia is an historical town and an ideal tourist destination. In an hour's drive or ship people can reach Venice. The SUTRA project is followed by Promotion of Land department (Settore Promozione del Territorio). Project’s goal is to solve our problems with mobility and drive-ability in Chioggia especially in the summer time, our owned company will manage a bike sharing service. 

Contact person: Laura Masiero




Municipality of Ravenna

Ravenna is located in Emilia-Romagna Region and counts about 160.000 inhabitants in a wide area of 652.000 km², with a 30 Km long coastline. Its port is one of the most important in the Adriatic Sea. For the uniqueness of their byzantine mosaics, 8 monuments are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Municipality is active in promoting sustainable mobility in the urban area and in its connections to the coast.

Contact person: Emanuela Medeghini




Intermunicipalities Territorial Union Riviera Bassa Friulana



Contact person:



Municipality of Pescara

The structure is as follows: GENERAL DIRECTORATE-GENERAL SECRETARY-LAWYER-2 DEPARTMENTS-13 SECTORS-49 SERVICES-6 HIGH PROFESSIONALISM. At 2018/12/31 the number of permanent staff was 716. The staff dedicated to the European Policies service is composed of three units. The general knowledge is enriched thanks to the inter-sectorial work and collaboration with other Departments involved, in this case with Mobility Sector with which we are developing financed projects on sustainable mobility.

Contact person: Piergiorgio Pardi




Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia

The Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia (ISIG) is a non-profit cultural institution. ISIG work develops through research, planning, consultancy, project implementation, training, organization of conferences. ISIG is recognized as a center of excellence in the study of international relations, cross-border cooperation, ethnic and minority relations, social policies, local development, democracy and civil society, of the territory and of the management of environmental risk.

Contact person: Olivia Ferrari




Split and Dalmatia County

SDC is experienced in preparation and implementation of different cross-border and transnational projects. Institution has an extensive network of national, regional and local institutions with competent staff successful in implementing multidisciplinary projects that require regional and international cooperation skills. SDC is organized in 11 departments, each dealing with sectoral issues, employs the total of 270 staff, well-educated and trained with yearly budget of around 143.780.000,00 €.

Contact person: Anton Hrgović




Town of Porec-Parenzo

Poreč-Parenzo is one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Istria, i.e. the heart-shaped peninsula in Croatia’s northwest. It covers an area of 111.27 km2 and has a population density of 154 inhabitants per square kilometer. According to the 2011 census, Poreč-Parenzo has a population of 16,696 people living in 6,276 households spread across 53 settlements. Due to its gorgeous beaches and ancient history, Poreč-Parenzo is one of the most popular destinations for foreign visitors to Croatia.

Contact person: Dunja Babić




Municipality of Vodnjan - Dignano

City of Vodnjan-Dignano is a local public authority which in its local governmental scope conducts the activities of local importance that directly addresses the needs of citizens. The municipality is realizing itself as a desirable place to live, where people can meet all their living needs. In this manner, the City of Vodnjan-Dignano is committed to social, cultural and educational revitalization with emphasis of environmental sustainability.

Contact person: Andrea Manzin




City of Split

City of Split is the second largest municipality of Croatia. Its objective is to represent all the citizens, improving the quality of their life, protecting the more disadvantage ones, promoting the economic development. It has 12 departments employing 440 persons with annual budget of approximately 120 million euros. City of Split had implemented several projects from the IPA program and Structural funds, has knowledge and trained personnel in preparation and implementation of the projects.

Contact person: Tomo Šundov



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angle-left null SUTRA Project Partner Poreč is a leader in the field of energy efficiency in Croatia - By 2030, they plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 40%!

Poreč is a leader in the field of energy efficiency in Croatia - By 2030, they plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 40%!

Published on 22/04/2021 (last modified 28/04/2021)

In the past seven years, the City of Poreč, as a top tourist destination, has implemented almost 40 projects in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development, energy efficiency, e-mobility and climate change mitigation and adaptation and plans to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030. . One of them is the SUTRA project, about which the director of the partner company Parentium Gordana Lalić spoke in an interview with Glas Istre.

According to her, the EU project with acronyms TOMORROW is just one in a series of projects that the City of Poreč, in cooperation with the city company Parentium, is currently implementing, and whose implementation directly affects the improvement of quality of life of Poreč citizens and achieving European energy policy goals. CO2 emissions.

One of the project activities carried out by the City is the procurement of electric buses. Namely, it is an electric minibus, low-floor design, with a built-in mechanical ramp, which makes it a fully accessible vehicle for people with disabilities, with a capacity of 20 passengers and a driver, as well as a range of 120-140 kilometers, in depending on driving conditions. The vehicle is 5.79 m long and 2.06 meters wide, which makes it suitable for traffic throughout the city.

- The city has carried out all activities provided by law and is creating the preconditions for the establishment of a concession management model, and the tender is ongoing. Considering the fact that the City of Poreč covers an area of ​​139 square kilometers, has a total of 53 settlements, and is a top tourist destination whose population almost quadrupled during the summer months, the procurement and start of electric minibuses is a pilot activity in Poreč, Lalic explained.

Although Poreč is a city that is continuously developing and growing, as she said, at the same time it is very successful in reducing overall CO2 emissions. Not only that, but by drafting and adopting strategic documents, and in accordance with the European energy policy, he set new, even more ambitious goals of energy efficiency and sustainable development, which in the period by 2030, CO2 emissions in the city plan to reduce by 40 percent .

- Today, Poreč is a city whose solar power plants record 750,000 kWh of produced "green" electricity, which, in accordance with the data on annual electricity consumption in the average household in the Republic of Croatia could meet the annual electricity needs of just over 236 average households . If by any chance the same amount of energy was produced from coal, the amount of CO2 generated would be 243 tons, from fuel oil almost 193 tons, while for natural gas the amount of CO2 emitted would be about 143 tons. Poreč is also a city that has installed 1,650 new lighting fixtures in the last four years, which has achieved savings in electricity consumption of almost 76%, and the corresponding reduction of CO2 emissions, and the first city in the Istrian County that in 2015, set the first public charging station for electric vehicles, completely free of charge for users, and today it has a total of eight charging stations in its area, which puts it at the very top of the Republic of Croatia on average per capita. Finally, I would like to point out that Poreč, in cooperation with the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, in 2014 and 2015 very successfully implemented a program to increase energy efficiency and the installation of renewable energy sources in family houses, which included a total of 28 buildings. area of ​​the City, which stimulated investments in the amount of almost 1,500,000 kuna. Thus, citizens in their homes realize annual savings in the amount of approximately 110,000 kuna, or an annual reduction of CO2 emissions of approx. 65 tons. In addition, Poreč is a city that continuously invests in energy renovation and raising the level of energy efficiency of public buildings and a city that specifically acts on laying the foundations for approaching the issue of energy renovation of buildings classified as cultural property under the protection of the conservation department, said Lalic .

Source. Glas Istre


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In this section you can find all the deliverables produced by SUTRA

Kick off Meeting Gorizia - Presentation

PUBLISHED ON 13/11/2019
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PUBLISHED ON 29/06/2023
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D.2.1.3 10 Lists and maps of low costs/free of charge channels, relevant networks and stakeholders

PUBLISHED ON 30/06/2023
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D.2.2.6 Press conference

PUBLISHED ON 30/06/2023
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D.2.2.6 Publication on EU magazine about project activities

PUBLISHED ON 30/06/2023
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