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The City of Lecce pilot project > Innovative door to door multimodal travel planner platform

Updated on :21/04/2020

During the project, Municipality of Lecce implements new features for a complete door to door multimodal travel planner platform in order to achieve its objectives and to facilitate the access to the transport network for tourists and citizens, especially during the peak-season to limit the use of private cars.
The final pilot site includes different elements and features implemented at local level, both to reach the local and wider aim of the project. Hereafter, what has been developed.
1) Feeding and improving the current database with new mobility data about different transport operators. Different transport modes are in the regional web portal.
2) Establishment of a new wider network to includes new mobility data from
different transport modes

a. This includes the data integration into the current networking to allow a generation of a new network useful for the algorithm used for “plan your trip”.
3) Map licences brought for 2 years on; it is used by the algorithm for searching solution at regional level
a. Improvements about data, features and tools are deployed in real environment to allow the running of the local pilot and to share data with the STEP-UP platform
4) Management and maintenance of data about territory: POIs and Events.
These elements have to be available in the STEP-UP portal to allow the multimodality and interoperability across areas.
5) Through a back-office created for the STEP-UP project, the Municipality of Lecce is responsible for uploading POI and Event data into the master portal to attract users in its territory also during off-peak hours.
a. Drafting/Editorial/Writing activity
6) Adaptation and updating of portal with STEP-UP logos and features

Apuliamoving is available through the following link: