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Revival Heritage, University of Zadar

Published on 28/03/2022 (last modified 28/03/2022)

Final Event at the Bunker C47

As wartime remnants, such as used bullet shells and projectiles, found new artistic purpose in hands of Zlatko Franić, so did the Bunker C-47 and all its surrounding area found new and better function through the project Revival. That was the conclusion of the Revival Final event in Zadar, which was held in front of the public and media representatives, who had the privilege to take a tour through the bunker and enjoy the new cultural tourist route through other forgotten fortifications. The Final event program was also enriched with the photo exhibition of wartime heritage objects by Filip Brale, while the cultural route covered the area from Vidikovac, through Crno and Križ, all the way to Dračevac.

Ante Ćurković, Head of Department for EU Programs from City of Zadar, said that the popular Zadar lookout is a great starting point for a tour around the bunkers, which were very important in defence of the city during the Homeland War.

Iva Bencun, external tourism expert, noted that although first idea was to revitalize bunker C47, it was cleaned and adapted for tours, so it will stay in its original state, but all surrounding area will be furnished and adapted with a promenade, benches and modern lookout.

Interesting cultural route was presented to the public and the media, who got a tour through most popular fortifications in Zadar area, while getting to know their wartime background. Through that, they were all convinced that this kind of content could really attract many tourists and history buffs.