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Del 4.1.3 - Virtual Museums

Updated on :24/08/2022

The joint promotion of the maritime cultural heritage of the 8 Italian and Croatian ports involved in REMEMBER is realized with the virtual platform Adrijo (, a term that combines the Italian name of Adriatico and the Croatian one Jadransko, created in the framework of REMEMBER project with the aim to present the uniqueness of the Adriatic dimension as a single geographical ecosystem, which shares history, stories, expressions and experiences.

Each of the eight ports involved in Remember project (Ancona, Venice, Trieste, Ravenna, Rijeka, Zara, Dubrovnik, Split) populated the ADRIJO platform with videos, audio clips, 3D models, drone panoramas, photos, texts, to tell their own maritime tangible and intangibile culture heritage. 


The multimedia platform, available in English, Italian and Croatian, presents a common part for the eight ports, which introduces the visitor to the concept of the Adriatic as a place of common historical and cultural roots of the ports and cities that overlook it. Moreover, it is possible to visit the Adrijo platform through different perspectives: through a geographical point of view, visiting the local virtual museum of each port, or navigating through the three common categories, traditions and culture, stories and heritage.

The Adrijo platform is an international platform addressed to all people, either tourists, passengers or local citizens interested to discover the cultural richness of the 8 Adriatic Italian and Croatian ports involved in REMEMBER project. Its contents include also virtual reality and augmented reality innovations, 3d models and 360° panoramic views, and are open and accessible to everybody.