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Presentation of the Virtual Tour at the Pavilion of the Ships of the Naval History Museum - European Project REMEMBER

Published on 25/05/2022 (last modified 26/05/2022)


Jun 03, 2022 h.17.30


Jun 03, 2022 h.


Sala Modelli, Arsenal


North Adriatic Sea Port Authority

Venue: Sala Modelli, Arsenal



Within the framework of the Venice Boat Show, the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority present the Virtual Tour of the Ships Pavilion.

The meeting is organized by Mare di Carta for the launch of the "Guide to the Naval History Museum of Venice "- Mare di Carta Editore, 2022

The virtualization of the Ships Pavilion was created as part of the Remember European Project and allows the visitor to discover the history of naval art through a virtual visit to a key place of Venetian maritime-port culture: the Ships Pavilion of the Historical Naval Museum. The path was created thanks to an inter-institutional partnership and a very close synergistic collaboration developed with the Italian Navy, the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia and VeLa.

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