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Planning model

Updated on :18/05/2023

O.4.5 MIMOSA cross-border planning model

The document outlines the planning model for maritime and coastal transport in the Italy-Croatia programme that has been drafted following the indications provided in the Methodology for elaborating a cross-border planning model (D.4.5.1), which laid the groundwork for this output. 

More specifically, after describing the specific background involving the Maritime Transport Planning approach and procedures in the cross-border dimension of EUSAIR reference area (section 2), D.4.5.1 presents a brief review of general principles underlying planning choices, as well as contextual conditions to be considered for the MIMOSA planning model (section 3). It also presents a brief overview of the main paradigms of planning models, in order to clarify how the planning model to be proposed by the MIMOSA project fits into a preliminary framework. Lastly, section 4 describes an ideal framework for the planning methodology that set the basis for the definition of the planning model hereby presented.