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MARLESS - 5th Project Meeting and Workshop Marine Litter and Circular Economy

Published on 28/10/2022 (last modified 02/11/2022)

24-26/10/2022, San Servolo - Venice

on thw 24th and 25th November, MARLESS partnership met to discuss the status of project implementation and agree on deadlines for final activities.

At 26th November, a workshop Marine Litter and Circular Economy, was organized. The event dealt with the problem of marine litter from a technical and regulatory point of view, presenting some successful cases and new technologies for the removal of waste in addition to the innovations introduced by the Salvamare Law. The Venice Workshop was divided into three distinct phases, addressing the issue of marine litter in different ways: monitoring, governance actions and innovative technologies for the removal of marine litter. In the first part, ISPRA presented the guidelines of the Marine Strategy, while two project partners (Institut Ruder Boskovic and ARPAFCVG) explained how ML is monitored both on the seabed and via satellite images. The governance actions were addressed by various partners and, in particular, by Silvia Bartolini, Head of Unit Marine Environment & Clean Water Services (EU COMMISSION). The intervention of a representative of the EU COMMISSION gave value to the event Marless. In the last part, the Workshop hosted some experts from the University of Bologna, Dubrovnik and CNR who exposed to the public in the room the latest updates about the innovative technologies that have been tested in the marine litter collection

During the event, several project partners and also external experts, such as scientific research centres and a representative of the European Commission, contributed in different ways to the workshop. The public, after being informed on the national actions (Salvamare Law) and European (Dr. Silvia Bartolini) has been able to appreciate the closing of the workshop through the last technological innovations that operate, in practical way, on the problem of marine litter.