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Final Communication event and Project steering committee in Pesaro

Published on 05/09/2019 (last modified 05/09/2019)


Sep 10, 2019 h.09:00


Sep 11, 2019 h.15:30


Auditorium San Bartolo Park


Auditorium San Bartolo Park, strada Dei Canneti, Santa Marina Alta, Pesaro




10th September 2019, Venue: Auditorium San Bartolo Park, strada Dei Canneti, Santa Marina Alta, Pesaro​​​​​​​

09:00 Registration

09:20 Welcome, Pesaro Municipality

09:40 Overview of iDEAL project, Nikola Petrić, IRENA –Istrian Regional Energy Agency

10:00 Climate change on coastal areas: the Italian National Strategy on Adaptation and the National Adaptation Plan on Climate Change Francesco Musco, IUAV University of Venice

10:30 iDEAL Results Giulia Lucertini and Gianmarco Di Giustino, IUAV/CORILA, (“round table” with PPs)

11:00 Coffee break

11:20 The experience of “Resilient Mantova” Giulia Moraschi, Environmental Department -Mantova Municipality

11:50 Adriadapt -a Resilience information platform for Adriaticcities and towns, Ivana Rogulj, DOOR -Society for Sustainable Development Design, Zagreb

12:20 Climate change adaptation –Region of Istria perspective ISTRIA Region, Aleksandar Major

12:40 Follow up INTERREG ITALY-CROATIA Programme Paolo Rotoni, Joint Secretariat INTERREG ITALY-CROATIA Programme

13:00 Conclusion

13:15 Lunch break Only for iDEAL’s partners

15:00 Visit to San Bartolo Park

17:00 End of the day

20:00 Social dinner


FINAL Project meeting and Steering committee – iDEAL

11th September 2019 Venue: City Hall, Piazza del Popolo, 1, Pesaro

09:00 Registration

09:30 Welcome speech By Pesaro

09:40 WP1 -Project management and coordination of activities

10:00 WP1 -Project management and coordination of activities

10:45 WP2 -Project Communication and Capitalization activities

11:00 Coffee break By Pesaro

11:30 WP3 –Definition and monitoring of Climate Adaption Plans By IUAV

12:00 WP4 –Setting up decision support system as a support to climate change adaption planning By IUAV

12:30 Climate adaption plans and trainning of DSS

13:00 Final Steering commity meeting All partners

13:30 Lunch buffet By Pesaro

15:30 Social event: Rossini House and Museum visit By Pesaro

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