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Istrian County procuring a fire boat

Published on 15/10/2022 (last modified 21/10/2022)

Thanks to the FIRESPIL project, by building a fire boat, the Istria County Fire Service will be better equipped and thus better prepared for firefighting at sea.

In August this year, the County of Istria signed a contract for the procurement of a fire boat within the FIRESPILL project with the company Flammifer d.o.o. from Ozalj

The 8.51 metre long, three-manned boat will be suitable for navigation in rough weather conditions. This light, low draft vessel is equipped with engines and other equipment necessary for early response, extinguishing of fire at sea and other emergency interventions on smaller vessels.

Upon signing the contract, the representatives of the Istrian County as the contracting entity and the Istria County Fire Service as the future user of the vessel visited the Flammifer d.o.o. company in order to meet the specialists involved in the construction of the fire boat, as well as to get acquainted with technologies and processes of production.

We are very impressed and confident of successful implementation of the project to build a fire boat, which is conceived primarily on the basis of the needs of the Istrian firefighters.

The fire boat is procured by the Istrian County within the pilot project under the FIRESPILL project work package 4, and within the scope of the working group aimed at improving the operational capacity of emergency services, enhancing the capacity of specialised civil protection units to address the problem of oil spills and other hazards in the marine environment through improving their level of preparedness for interventions in the event of an oil spill, as well as improving cross-border coordination capacity.