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Good weather conditions help the builders of Vučevica, the work goes on without interruption

Published on 01/12/2022 (last modified 01/12/2022)

Completion of works within the planned deadlines

With the progress of the construction works, which began on June 30, 2021 in the presence of Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, the Regional Training Center for the Training of Operational Forces of the Firefighting System is taking its final shape in the Dalmatian karst of Vučevica. All works, including the connection to the water supply system, are proceeding according to plan. There were no delays because the builders were accompanied by extremely favorable weather conditions.

The construction of the Regional Training Center for the training of operational forces of the firefighting system in Vučevica (Klis municipality) is co-financed by grants under the FIRESPILL project within the cross-border program INTERREG Italy - Croatia. The started works represent the beginning of the realization of the 1st phase of the project, which includes the construction of buildings A and D and access roads, the value of which is HRK 35,944,999.10 without VAT (or 44,931,248.88 with VAT).

The training regional center for the training of operational forces of the firefighting system will be the center for advanced training of firefighting forces and civil protection, and from this place, personnel in the field of protection against natural and other disasters will be coordinated, as well as educated and trained. The construction and equipping of simulation facilities, the organization of exercises, the holding of seminars for advanced training (cross-border exchange of knowledge), demonstration exercises for the rescue of civilians, etc. are planned. The center will have an outpost in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, in Kula Norinska, whose purpose is also fire prevention and other dangers in the area of the Neretva valley and its surroundings. These two centers in Croatia will establish permanent cross-border cooperation with the Belvedere di Fabriano Training Park (Marche region) in Italy, which will also improve its infrastructure from the FIRESPILL project.