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Published on 23/05/2023 (last modified 23/05/2023)

DIGSEA was presented at the Transport Logistic fair in Munich between 9th and 12th May 2023.

A total of 2,320 exhibitors from 67 countries and more than 75,000 visitors from over 120 countries participated in the four-day fair. The share of international visitors rose to more than 50 percent and was thus higher than ever before. Transport Logistic fair is the international trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management and the largest trade fair in the world for the multi-faceted transport of goods by road, rail, water and air cargo Europe.

In this framework the main results of DIGSEA project were presented and discussed with main stakeholders in the transport logistic sector. The event promoted a fruitful discussion on the importance of ICT tools in the maritime sector. The conference stressed the importance of sharing, capitalizing and implementing ICT tools to promote cruise and ferry traffic growth.

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