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VIDEO - Rimini: regenerating the waterfront - CREATE site visits

Published on 29/06/2023 (last modified 05/09/2023)

The project of the Municipality of Rimini "Implementation Sea Park: Southern Promenade" was selected by the commission of experts of the CREATE A3 - Adriatic Adaptation Award.

In this video, Roberta Frisoni from the Municipality of Rimini, explains in detail the complex project to make the city waterfront a sort of barrier against climate change impact with nature-based solutions and, at the same time, to provide citizens functional spaces for city life.

The Parco del Mare is an environmental and service infrastructure dedicated to wellness, quality of life, and healthy eating that aims to regenerate its 16 km of coastline in-depth and over time. A physical and spatial transformation is based on a profound cultural and relational change and is intended to be the reference for the involvement of new investors and the renewal of existing activities. 

The project meets the following objectives:

To make the Promenade safe from a hydraulic point of view; 

To pedestrianise the Promenade by eliminating the lanes dedicated to traffic and the existing unevenness between the pavements and the road surface, thus recreating the connection between the city and its sea; 

To give a new image to the Promenade through a new design, new materials and new choices for the vegetation to improve the comfort and microclimate of the Promenade by inserting some shady islands obtained by the insertion of first, second and third size trees; 

To increase the permeability of the areas through the provision of "green sardines" and the use of draining materials for the pavements;

To provide spaces dedicated to sports and cultural functions to increase the area's attractiveness throughout the year.

The project is the result of analyses and evaluations involving technicians, citizens, and local businesses on complex choices.  





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