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Study visit to the Galileo Visionary District

Published on 19/05/2023 (last modified 27/12/2023)

The Galileo Visionary District is renowned for its expertise in fostering innovation and technological advancements.

We would like to invite to you a study visit organized by the CLASS4.0 project to the Galileo Visionary District, an invaluable opportunity for us to explore innovative approaches, transfer knowledge, and foster collaborations.

During the visit, we will have the opportunity to explore the park's facilities, engage with experts, and gain insights into their successful initiatives.

Through the study visit, we aim to achieve several objectives. Firstly, we seek to identify innovative approaches for ensuring the sustainability of results. By applying design thinking and future thinking methods, we aim to develop strategies that can maximize the impact of our projects and extend their benefits to a broader scope.

Moreover, we intend to transfer the results obtained from our projects beyond the IT-HR Programme Area. By leveraging our networks and collaborations, we aim to establish strong partnerships and activate coordination processes with other Interreg and EU initiatives. This will enable us to reach a wider audience and create a multiplier effect in terms of knowledge dissemination and exchange.

Additionally, we are committed to engaging in communication and dissemination activities of other Standard and Strategic IT-HR projects in the same thematic areas. By collaborating with initiatives such as   INNOVAMARE, we can amplify our collective impact and contribute to the advancement of the region's innovation ecosystem.

Furthermore, the study visit will provide us with an opportunity to develop project ideas aligned with the Interreg IT-HR Programme 2021-2027. By identifying cross-border obstacles and using Future Thinking methodology, we aim to address challenges that are relevant to policy makers involved in shaping the future of the program.

This engagement will allow us to actively contribute to the development of policies that support innovation and cross-border cooperation.


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Event on Istrian entrepreneurs' investments in Blue Innovation

On Monday, April 3, 2023, in the Craft House in Poreč, a presentation was held in the organization of the Istrian Development Agency as part of the CLASS 4.0 project on the topic of development and innovative projects of Istrian businessmen, as well as upcoming tenders for the allocation of grants for the investment of Istrian companies in research, development and innovation in business.

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