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Seaborne Community - LEA in Pula

Published on 29/06/2023 (last modified 27/12/2023)

Presentation of innovative solutions in the blue economy - development of a hydraulic ship rudder control system as part of the CLASS 4.0 project

As part of the CLASS 4.0 - CLuster for dAta-driven Solutions in the Sea economy project, on June 1, 2023, the presentation of the LEA (Live Exercise Activity) event was held at the Industrial and Craft School in Pula.

More precisely, it was a presentation of simulation activities of the real innovation process in the field of the blue economy with a focus on shipbuilding. On this occasion, the students of the Industrial and Crafts School, 15 of them with their teachers in cooperation with Tehnomont brodogradilište d.o.o. from Pula developed an innovation. The result of the collaboration is an innovative hydraulic control system for the ship's rudder.

Dragan Radovanović, director of the Pula Industrial and Crafts School, presented the students' activities and explained how the process went. In cooperation with the school, representatives of Tehnomont brodogradilište d.o.o. Pula explained to students and teachers the innovation itself and what it includes, created technical and technological documentation and procured all the necessary material. The school was given the task of assembling the electrical cabinet and the passenger's control console for the three-phase electric motor of the hydraulic rudder system in the school workshops. As part of the practical classes, under the guidance of teacher Andre Stanković, the students of the professions of electromechanics and electricians arranged all the elements in the distribution cabinet, connected all the elements with conductors according to the scheme and finally checked the correctness of all connections in a de-energized state. In addition to the distribution cabinet, a control console for controlling the system from another place was made in a similar way.

Even Živić, Master of Electrical Engineering, in front of Tehnomont shipyard d.o.o. from Pula emphasized that the students had the opportunity to create a part of the system that is actively used on every ship. According to its function, the device requires a certain knowledge of the components, the principle of operation of these components, reading electrical drawings, and finally an understanding of the operation of the entire rudder system in order to be able to properly test its operation in the workshop. By making this device, the students were able to assemble a fully functional device with their own hands from basic mechanical and electronic components using a schematic diagram, and also test and learn something about the rudder system.

Ph.D. Boris Sabatti, director of the Istrian Development Agency - IDA d.o.o. he pointed out during the presentation of LEA activities that the CLASS 4.0 project promotes the results of previous projects from the INTERREG Italy-Croatia program, whose focus is on mariculture and the shipbuilding industry. He emphasized the importance of the combination of education and the real sector, in this case shipbuilding, and that the goal of the Istrian Development Agency is to continue to develop innovations in the field of the blue economy.


Event on Istrian entrepreneurs' investments in Blue Innovation

On Monday, April 3, 2023, in the Craft House in Poreč, a presentation was held in the organization of the Istrian Development Agency as part of the CLASS 4.0 project on the topic of development and innovative projects of Istrian businessmen, as well as upcoming tenders for the allocation of grants for the investment of Istrian companies in research, development and innovation in business.

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