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Report on pilot activities (ADSPMAS)

Updated on :31/05/2020

The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority has been investing in the recent years in the Intelligent Transport System to increase the nautical accessibility of the port.
For the port of Venice, in fact, one of the main bottlenecks is the low visibility due to weather conditions, that hampers if not prevents the navigation even for few days in a row in case of fog. The delays and route changes cause loss of productivity for the economy. This bottleneck is not bound to infrastructural improvement, but rather to an organizational/management solution.
For this reason, the Port Authority started several projects with the scope of equipping the lagoon with series of sensors and cameras, gathering their information and elaborating them through its Port Community System in order to give real time information to the commercial ships and cruises on the weather condition in the lagoon (wind, temperature, visibility, special notices).