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Report on pilot activity (PPA)

Updated on :09/06/2020

Port of Ploče Authority as public body and administrative body within Port of Ploče permanently rising safety in port area and aims to improve and speed up port procedures within logistic chain. Port procedures are focused on ship arrival/departure procedures, Cargo manipulation within port area, custom and logistic procedures, gate in/out procedures and safety procedures within port areas.
Port of Ploče Authority has developed Port Community System which is used by port stakeholders and all procedures are covered within system. Port Community System has been integrated with subsystems which are used for access control and subsystem for Control and management of vehicles which enters or leave port area.
For Port of Ploče Authority one of the main bottlenecks is lack of integrated information systems and low exchange data with other system which are existing in port areas which have impact on cargo transport by sea and land side and entrance terminal to port area. This bottleneck is not bound to infrastructural improvement, but also to an organizational/management solution.