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Puglia Creativa: 12 expression of interests for the creation of experiential tourist packages

Published on 03/06/2019 (last modified 03/06/2019)

The notice was launched by Puglia Creativa under ATLAS Project for the creation of experiential tourist packages related to festivals, events, Apulian creativity and for the realization of a press tour

In the framework of the pilot action 5.3 of ATLAS Project, Puglia Creativa launched the call for designing innovative tourism itineraries. This call is based on the concept of experiencing the culture, traditions and products of the territories, valorising minor tourism destinations with particular reference to rural and inner areas that Puglia Creativa mapped during the workshop realized the 5th of February 2019.
In that occasion, thanks to the communication strategy realized many people were involved in the process of mapping:  “sleeping quality sites” and identifying cultural buildings, natural, creative, touristic heritage with high potentiality in terms of creative and cultural enhancement.
It have been asked to the applicants to create experiential tourist packages that connect different Apulian minor or rural areas with festivals, events, Apulian creativity and to realize a press tour and so they did.
In the next days Puglia Creativa will announce the selected among the 12 application received