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D3.2.1 - Design of IT Platform

Updated on :18/05/2020

In Application form, as part of WP3- Destination promotion concept and activity 3.2. IT Platform, deliverable D3.2.1 - Design of IT Platform is defined as:
“D3.2.1 - Design of IT Platform – the elaboration of the IT platform will be given to an external expert, and it will be based on two principal functions: The first function - the promotion of the destination - in fact it represents an interactive map of the cross-border area, where artists and producers of all cultural contents can and are absolutely free (free of charge) to present each destination through their work and experience. Second function - part of the IT platform will be used as a basic tool for communication between artists (producers of cultural content) and organizers of cultural and tourism events. The platform will provide a unified overview of the available cultural content uploaded by original artist, with detailed text description supported by pictures and video production, and an estimation over costs for the presentation on any future event.”