7th SC Meeting - 7th SC Meeting - ADRIREEF

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7th SC Meeting

Published on 11/11/2021 (last modified 11/11/2021)


Nov 05, 2021 h.9:00 a.m.


Nov 05, 2021 h.10:30 a.m.




Giulia Cillani


5th of November, 9.00/10.30

Final Steering Committee Meeting

WP1 – day to day project management and financial advancement:
Presentations by lead partner on the data collected on the 5th reporting period.
In the first session of the SC online meeting, LP shared some instructions on how to approach the last reporting period. 

WP2 – final event and WP’s updates:
Lead Partner and RERA presented together regarding the Final Conference in Ravenna and communication activities.

WP4 – monitoring phase of Adriatic reefs:
Presentation by WP4 leader, ARPAE, on the state of the art of the WP’s activities. 

The last session was WP5 – innovative exploitation of Adriatic reef for blue economy:
Presentation by WP5 leader, Zadra Nova, on the state of the art of the WP’s activities. Update from CNR, 5.1 activity leader, on the state of the art of the activity.