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D3.6.1 Memorandum of Agreement signed by relevant stakeholders (M34)

Updated on :16/08/2023

Set up a Transnational Expert Management Body (TEMB) that will act both as multidisciplinary advisory body for the
project and also last after the project end to continue to support the preparation and implementation of the
adaptation plans at Adriatic and local levels. TEMB will be set up during the first year of the project and last till the
end of the project. During the project a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) will be prepared in order to allow TEMB
to continue after the project. TEMB will a diversify set of experts and stakeholders including scientists, public
officers from national regional and local level, private sectors operators. A reasonable number of participants would
be at least 10 people. The TEMB will facilitate the definition of AdriaClim results and their uptake by users and
stakeholders. TEMB will work through web meetings (at least in the first year) and will prepare documents and best
practices to plan the products definition and uptakes. Lead ZADRA NOVA