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SEMINAR "The modelling of the Emilia-Romagna pilot area"

Published on 23/03/2022 (last modified 24/03/2022)


Mar 31, 2022 h.14:30


Mar 31, 2022 h.16:00


Ravenna, Italy


Via Sant' Alberto, 163, 48123 Ravenna RA, Italy


Jacopo Alessandri

March 31st 2022


The Unibo team, in collaboration with Arpae organize AdriaClim seminar with title: "The modelling of the Emilia-Romagna pilot area" which will be held on Thursday, March 31st 2022 at 14:30 CET in Ravenna, Laboratori Sartori, Aula master and online at the link: 

In the framework of the AdriaClim project a coupled physics-biogeochemistry high resolution unstructured ocean model (namely ShyfER) will be developed for the Emilia-Romagna (ER) pilot area with the SHYFEM-MPI code (Micaletto et al., 2022) based on SHYFEM model (Umgiesser et al., 2004). The maximum resolution of 300 m at the coast, and the capacity of the model to describe in details the complexity of the coastal geometry, allow to solve the smallscale coastal processes, very important for the local dynamics. 

ShyfER will be nested into a NEMO-BFM coupled model for the entire Adriatic Sea. I will show the characteristics of the ShyfER model implementation with output validation and results from a ten year simulation, highlighting the capacity of the model to correctly represents the main dynamical features of the circulation and the potential benefits of the numerical investigation to find possible solutions against storm surge events along ER coast.