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AdriaClim Final Conference “Science and governance: a sea of opportunities for coastal adaptation”

Published on 21/04/2023 (last modified 05/05/2023)


May 09, 2023 h.9.30 p.m.


May 09, 2023 h.16.00 a.m.


Sala Cavalcoli (Camera di Commercio di Ravenna)


Viale Farini 14, Ravenna


Arpae Emilia-Romagna


AdriaClim Conference “Science and governance: a sea of opportunities for coastal adaptation” will take place in Ravenna, Sala Cavalcoli (Camera di commercio di Ravenna) in viale Farini 14, on May 9 2023.



The conference’s main goals are to share the project’s results with all interested parties, in particular with policy makers, and to discuss the relationship between science and politics with participants from different skills and professional backgrounds. 

The event will be attended by leading international experts from universities, research and training centers in the field of climate change and coastal adaptation, professionals and technicians, journalists, policy actors and decision makers, NGOs and civil society delegates. Public involvement will also be encouraged.

The conference will be a “Talk” including 4 thematic sessions with experts, journalists, researchers, scientific communicators and politicians, moderated by Marco Motta, “Radio3 Science” journalist.
The speeches will be in Italian and English, with simultaneous translation service.

The event will be in person and will also be streamed on AdriaClim Official Facebook page

Participation in the event is free of charge, but registration is recommended. 
Registration link:


- International strategies for coastal protection

- Science in support of policies, comparison of viewpoints

- Local adaptation, participation and communication