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Published on 07/12/2022 (last modified 07/12/2022)

ZADRA NOVA, as a project partner, presented AdriaClim project goals and results to representatives of the University of Massachusetts in Boston and to the companies Nextloop and SOM in New York.


Within project implementation ZADRA NOVA installed Innovative system Aquaweb on Pilot location. AquaWeb™ is product designed and protected by company Nextloop, which captures, stores, and distributes water into local food production. Using biomimicry, regenerative innovation inspired by nature, they built products and systems based on the functional principles and strategies of organisms and ecosystems.

The innovative Aquaweb system is installed in Baštica University Agricultural Estate in Zadar and enables irrigation in dry periods when water sources dry up. Aquaweb works on the principle of a network that, imitating a spider, collects water that can be used for irrigation. The project is in the monitoring phase, and the goal is to create a quality base for the implementation of such solutions in agriculture.